66 Most Useless Websites To Waste Your Time & Kill Boredom

useless websites

You are always in search of sites that are only meant to provide quality entertainment but end up with the so common facebook and twitter? Sometimes, the funny memes and interesting tweets also set you back at your couch with no fun at all.

If you are at the same routine work job, you’ll definitely feel down after working for hours. Maybe a 10-minute break can fill the gap? To cut off your boredom, we’ve brought an amazing deal of some pointless funny websites. Yes, useless websites. But, I assure you’ll have lots of fun visiting the useless websites. Most of the time people spend countless hours on Facebook and keep refreshing the page to get some interesting image, news or maybe an animated viral post. It’s all same every day. You definitely need something more interesting than the usual post that you can share with your friends. Following useless websites can help you waste your time to kill boredom and let you enjoy in a different manner.

Trust me, you’ll have a good laugh. Every site has an interesting element to captivate your interest for no prominent reason. Well, you can thank me later for the good pointless sites collection. It works best if you just need something unique but hilarious. These useless sites may be of no use to you but will make you laugh at least.

These websites are indeed a unique way to pass the time and have a good laugh. If you or anyone else is looking for some online entertainment that’s out of the ordinary, these websites certainly fit the bill. Whether it’s watching grass grow, exploring a colorful Zombo, or creating a silly Twitter bio, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this collection of pointless online destinations. Have fun exploring these sites and sharing them with friends to brighten their day!

Table of Contents

1. mostexclusivewebsite.com

exclusive website

This is the first canidate in our list of useless websites. A website so exclusive, only one visitor at one time. This is a great website to waste or kill your time.

2. theworldsworstwebsiteever.com

An absolute awful web page, winning the title for the world’s worst website ever. It will thoroughly explain ‘the dreadful web design to freak out’

3. wikipeetia.org


Not just a misspelled encyclopedia, but a creative hidden search directory for all the mistakenly typed words.

4. papertoilet.com

Play with a toilet paper roll.

5. heeeeeeeey.com


Not just a simple HEY, it’s a HEEEY HOOO website to have a look at.

6. Iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples

Just not an apple, but a FAT lady reveals the hidden tactics to swirl.

7. thatsthefinger.com

the finger

Point it out! It’s about finger, though. One of the best pointless websites.

8. ismycomputeron.com

A BIG YES! A weird website.

9. purple.com

All about purple.

10. watching-grass-grow.com

Watch as a lawn’s grass grows. Exciting! It really does and to your surprise, a background music will rejuvenate the moods.

11. pleaselike.com

It goes with the domain. A simple facebook like request.

12. thebestdinosaur.com

One dinosaur is superior to all of the others.

13. iamawesome.com

pointless website

It’s true! No words nothing to add more flair, it’s well decided that I AM AWESOME.

14. tencents.info

Shout out! It is revealed.

15. fallingfalling.com

Everything is falling down, falling down.

16. omfgdogs.com


Are you behind dogs or dogs behind you? Let’s figure it out. The worst pointless websites.

17. Staggeringbeauty.com

Mind-boggling web page to shake up your mind

18. Donothingfor2minutes.com

Do nothing for two minutes. The counter will reset if you move your mouse.

19. Koalastothemax.com

Reveal the minor! Hover to the maximum.

20. Yyyyyy.info

A juggle to shuffle. Can you solve the mystery? Maybe, a scary one.

21. Sanger.dk

Wiping off completely!

22. Zombo.com

Displays Zombo, but a colorful Zombi.

23. Larrycarlson

Play around with nature.

24. fallingguy.com

Save me Please! Is either Up or Down?

25. trypap.com

One smile at a time. Discover the Aggressive Password Finder.

26. republiquedesmangues.fr

Ask me something? I am a sparkling and annoying Mango Guru to brighten you up.

27. cant-not-tweet-this.com

But, it tweets!

28. ducksarethebest.com

Quack, Quack. How about a duckpage?Interesting! Ducts are the best.

29. partridgegetslucky.com

Holding Guitar? Follow the moves.

30. rrrgggbbb.com


One of the greatest useless websites. That’s Whole R G B. Read it? Now view it.

31. grandpanoclothes.com

A muscular Granpa, with NO CLOTHES? Our great candidate in list of weird websites.

32. everydayim.com

Just super busy with the color all around.

33. haneke.net

Connecting Networking! Drop and Collect. The ball ball machine site explains the running process of a business.

34. beesbeesbees.com

Scream Louder! BEEEEEEEEEES.

35. r33b.net

Through the eyes of the Hypno-toad.

36. ninjaflex.com


The muscles can give a tough fight to your 6.2 inchs body.

37. hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com

Nope! Not yet. A row of stupid evil-eyed men waiting..

38. ihasabucket.com

yes! I have a bucket. This bucket belongs to me. I won’t let it to be stealed, EASILY.

39. ringingtelephone.com

Someone is on Phone. HELLO! HELLO!

40. pointerpointer.com


Point your pointer and wait. What happen next will blow your mind. This is the one of the best pointless websites according to us.

41. corndogoncorndog.com

One corn dog with another corn dog? Oops, with a sauce.

42. taghua.com

It goes higher, higher and wider.

43. imaninja.com

A blank screen depicts the story.

44. muchbetterthanthis.com

Let’s be close enough! Were you looking for KISSMETRIICS?

45. ouaismaisbon.ch

Say it louder. Yes, More louder?

46. crouton.net

Love croutons?

47. corgiorgy.com

ORGY’S party in the house!

48. unicodesnowmanforyou.com

Love Snowman? Here’s one who plays.

49. intotime.com

A color reveals the other. Go deep into the frames to find secrets.

50. salmonofcapistrano.com

Just a bunch of ads.

51. www.patience-is-a-virtue.org

Hold back. A test to check the patience. Visit only, if you’ve endurance.

52. whitetrash.nl

A character of your own choice. Take the art of creativity to the next level.

53. www.theendofreason.com

It’s just the end of the story. Move flawless.

54. minecraftstal.com

An epic flute solo.

55. leekspin.com

Something you won’t understand. Gosh, it’s way fast.

56. electricboogiewoogie.com

Make it blue, yellow or red. A boogie woogie you can’t reach at.

57. nelson-haha.com

haha nelson


58. secretsfornicotine.com

Move the secret 3D wherever you want. It swirls every way. Try out!

59. pixelsfighting.com

Who first reaches to the end point? It’s a match!

60. biglongnow.com

Open infinite doors.

61. baconsizzling.com

Sizzling hot! Bacons are just about to get served. Take out the plates!

62. dogs.are.the.most.moe

This is the way to do rock n roll. Stop me, if you can!

63. make-everything-ok.com


Just a tab to determine if ‘everything is OKAAAY’. If not, time to evaluate the settings of perception. Really?

64. isitchristmas.com

Ready to surprise your friends with the gifts? First, Check whether Is it Christmas. A quick response reveals the answer.

65. sillytwitterbio.com

Thank you hand sanitizer for letting me know I have a cut in my hand!
Generate a silly twitter bio for amusement. It’s fun!

66. 1112.net/lastpage.html

useless websites

The last one in our collection of useless and pointless websites.

You’ve reached the very last page of the internet. Time to say GOODBYE and SHUT OFF your computer. Go outside!

We hope you enjoyed visiting these pointless useless websites. Share this post with your friends to have fun together. Make them visit these useless websites to kill boredom.

7 thoughts on “66 Most Useless Websites To Waste Your Time & Kill Boredom”

  1. You have to add, Huffington Post(automatic videos and nothing but Ads), CNN (automatic videos and nothing but Ads), Newser, (automatic videos and nothing but Ads), Fox , (automatic videos and nothing but Ads). None of these can be taken seriously

  2. Best list ever! Had me laughing all morning) Thanks for making it! really. People have come up with crazy ideas with these sites. I didn’t realise I had spent over an hour just checking these links out. Nice job on these really weird collections.

  3. I love weird websites. I’ve seen most of these but theres a few I have to check out. anasomnia.com is amazing. welcometobad.com is one of the ones I’ve recently been checking out. zombo.com is also one of my favorites although the mystery is kind of solved.

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