101 Funny, Clever, Good Paintball Team Names

Do you want to participate in paintball game but have no idea for paintball team names?

No worries we’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing with you some really good, funny, clever paintball team names so you can have more fun.

Paintball is a game which was introduced in the 1980s. Since the time of its development, a large number of people were attracted to this game because it seems fun and entertaining to play. The players in this game eliminate their opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled breakable paint balls which are shot from compressed air paintball maker. Many professional teams gather on some platform and major tournaments are played which never fail to excite the players.

The paintball game can be played both indoors and outdoors. There are many professional and semi-professional paintball teams that have played in a professional tournament. Your paintball team name should be cool and catchy to impress the opponent team. A cool team name means cool players! Here are some cool and impressive paintball team names to inspire you to select one for your team:

Table of Contents

Funny Paintball team names

Here’s a complete list of paintball team names sorted in alphabetic order. Once you have selected your team and the cool paintball team name, start the game in a zealous way and do win! Because cool people always win!

  1. Alpha Squad
  2. Armageddon Worms
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Balls of Duty Paint Warfare
  5. Balls of Steel
  6. Barkers Beauties
  7. Blending Carnage
  8. Blue Balls
  9. Bob Ross’ Cloud Squad
  10. Chaos Requiem
  11. Click, Click, Splat
  12. Cold Blooded Painters
  13. Color Blind
  14. Color Me Happy
  15. Crazy Paint Ladies
  16. Common Paint Machines
  17. Colorful Balls
  18. Doom
  19. Exterminators
  20. Fallen Angels
  21. Family Fury
  22. Fatal Assassins
  23. Fatal Effect
  24. Friendly Fire
  25. Full Spectrum
  26. Ghost Team
  27. Gleesome Threesome
  28. Grand Theft Paintball
  29. Honey Bunches of Death
  30. Improvised Killers
  31. Keepers of Chaos
  32. Locked & Loaded
  33. Lone Wolves
  34. Lost Boys
  35. Most Valuable Team
  36. MSPaint.exe
  37. Nighttime Ninjas
  38. Mouthful of Paint
  39. Men at War
  40. No Name Killers
  41. Paint Bandits
  42. Paint Bombs
  43. Paint Faction
  44. Paint Grenade
  45. Paint Republic
  46. Paint Slingers
  47. Paint the Town
  48. Paint My Ninja
  49. PaintShop Pros
  50. Paintball Junkies
  51. Paintball Wizards
  52. Paintshop Pro
  53. Pea Shooters
  54. Peace Disturbers
  55. Population Control
  56. Quintuplets of Doom
  57. Rabid Dogs
  58. Ready Aim Splat
  59. Real Men of Genius
  60. Reservoir Dogs
  61. Sausage Fest
  62. Shenanigans
  63. Shooting Stars
  64. Shut Up We’re Trying
  65. Slow Down We Suck!
  66. Small Furry Woodland Creatures of Doom
  67. Splat Squad
  68. Spray Painters
  69. Start Painting Now
  70. Systematic Chaos
  71. Tacticool
  72. The Ginger Men
  73. Target Painters
  74. Team Blush
  75. Team Guru
  76. Team Honey Badger
  77. Team Phalanx
  78. Team Rainbow
  79. Team World Police
  80. Tenacious Three
  81. The Henchmen
  82. The Select Few
  83. The Sharpshooters
  84. The Three Stooges
  85. The Unnamed
  86. The War Machine
  87. Threat
  88. Three More Bodybags
  89. Three-Headed Beast
  90. Threes Company
  91. Thrill
  92. Trio Mojo
  93. Time to Paint You
  94. Triple Bad Mojo
  95. Triple Targets
  96. Triple Threat
  97. Unarmed Soldiers
  98. Unstoppable Force
  99. Urban Legends
  100. Wounded Bad Mojo
  101. We Are Rookies

Choose any paintball team name you like and enjoy the paintball game.

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