112 Funny Whisper Challenge Phrases To Spice Up Your Game

whisper challenge phrasesMany of us spent our childhood playing the telepathy game where we would whisper a word or phrase to the next person and if there were more people, it would get whispered along the circle. We all remember spending hours on that game but are you ready for taking it up a notch? The whisper challenge is a step up from telepathy challenge and results in a much more enjoyable time.

The game is taking up social media by storm; if you search about the whisper challenge, you would find that even celebrities like John Cena, Blake Shelton, Brie Larson, Rebel Wilson, Kristen Stewart and more are participating in it. The question is how is the game played exactly? Let’s take the scenario of 2 players, one would have headphones on and the other would be whispering the phrases. When the players are ready, the person with the headphone would turn up the music high so as to not hear anything and the other person will whisper out the phrase. Even if the whisperer tries to convey the meaning through elaborately speaking out the phrases, the other person would not be able to lip read that well. Due to that, when they would try to recreate the phrase, it will be completely garbled.

Whisper Challenge Phrases

People often make up their own whisper challenge phrases but that can be a bit tricky because nobody wants to be the person who created such easy phrases that the other person caught them without any difficulty. In order to help out our readers, we have come up with some amazing whisper challenge phrases that are guaranteed to produce hilarious responses. Check out some of the best whisper challenge phrases / telepathy challenge phrases down below:

  1. “Are you a piece of bread? ‘Cause I wanna spread some love on you!”
  3. All my life I had to fight
  4. are you a bagel because I like you with nothing on
  5. are your eyebrows on fleek?
  6. ask her if she remembers the teens who hugged her at the super bowl last year
  7. ask her why she has the same name as me
  8. bangers and mash; and Cottage Pie is the best πŸ™‚
  9. bruno mars is bae
  10. Can I sniff your doughnut holes
  11. can you rub this lotion on my back
  12. catch your fridge its running away
  13. colourful lots and lots it looks like I love you lots and lots πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. daisy is an angel
  15. did you know if you lick a sponge, a pineapple will grow from it?
  16. do u want to lick my face
  17. do whatever tickles your pickle πŸ™‚
  18. do you like turtles?
  19. Do you like waffles, I like waffles, do you like pancakes, ya, I like pancakes!! 😁
  20. Do you want to build a snowman?
  21. do you want to get some cheese
  22. don’t get in that car it’s blue
  23. Elephant Shoe
  24. Foggy London awaits
  25. funny joke I don’t smoke but I do coke no I don’t but now I am broke so I have to sell coke oh FOKE
  26. Green tea kitkats are the best
  27. Hey baby lemme touch your………Toenail πŸ˜‚
  28. hey little mama let me whisper in your ear
  29. how many pennies can penny put in her mouth this month
  30. i ate my sisters waffles
  31. I ate your mom’s elephant
  32. I ate your sister’s pancakes
  33. I can’t feel my lips, can I feel yours ?
  34. I chopped up the baby it’s now in the freezer
  35. I had a dream that I died and went to space and landed on the moon
  36. I have a fear of buttons
  37. I have a tattoo of a unicorn on my left butt cheek
  38. I have the best hair in the club
  39. I have two noses and a plate of spaghetti
  40. I like doing stand up for prisons, it helps having a captive audience
  41. I like eggs ??
  42. I like long bananas
  43. I like to eat big fat geese
  45. I like to play with kitties and eat grass
  46. I like to read in the shower
  47. I like to run around my house and sing what does the fox say
  48. I like to smell the pickles on a McDonald’s burger
  49. I like when u sniff your dog
  50. I love chocolate chip cookies when they are warm
  51. I love pizza and Canada and donuts from that one place on the market in Toronto
  52. I love pizza. Pizza is love.
  53. I love the smell of road tar
  54. i saw you hide the dead body
  55. I think your toes are really sexy, can I lick them?
  56. I threw a walrus at your grandmother
  57. I want to cover you in melted chocolate and lick you
  58. i want to eat some grass while holding small kitties
  59. I want to hug your face.I really hope the pickle you just ate didn’t come from my dad’s jar because that’s where he stores his liquids.
  60. I want to make babies with you
  61. I want to run way for you.
  62. I wasn’t going to have a brain transplant, then I changed my mind
  63. I would drink milk but I’m allergic to food colouring
  64. I’d like to help you out today. Which way did you come in?
  65. if two vegetarians are having an argument, is it still called beef?
  66. If you where a fruit you would be a fine Apple
  67. if you whisper elephants doo it looks like I love you
  68. if you’re reading this it’s too late
  69. im fresh and you’re not
  70. I’m not really saying anything
  71. inside every duck is the heart of a lion!!
  72. It’s raining cats and dogs. Let’s go outside, catch them, and keep them as pets πŸ˜‚
  73. jumping in pools of lava is cool.
  74. knowing sign language can be very handy
  75. league of legends is life
  76. Let’s get fast food.
  77. lets play titanic, you’ll be the iceberg and i go down
  78. look at all those chickens
  79. loving you was sleeping through the storm, but I dont feel like dreaming anymore
  80. my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun
  81. my feet smell like fish, because I ate a banana yesterday
  82. my guilty pleasure is watching HSM alone in my room
  83. my happy litte Phil take dab a way
  84. my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ????
  85. my pet turtles name is ketchup
  86. noodles are my favourite food, I love to eat them with blueberry pie
  87. olive juice
  88. Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!
  89. Rubber baby buggy bumpers
  90. Some people are actually pineapples in disguise. πŸ‘¨+πŸ‘©+πŸ‘¦=🍍🍍🍍
  91. sometimes, when no one is looking, I like to roll around in dirt and pretend to be a worm
  92. the big fat friend sat on the big fat mat
  93. The cat is out of the bag.
  94. the cows were flying
  95. the duck flies at midnight
  96. The Eagle has landed
  97. the prisoners favourite punctuation mark was a full stop, because it marked the end of his sentence
  98. the quick brown fold jumped over the lazy howell
  99. The shoes don’t fit my hand
  100. tiny feet I do weed oh yes indeed look at the yeet from across the stress and he winked at me oh shet
  101. We can Dance dance all night in the bedroom πŸ˜‰
  102. whats 9+10
  103. where do babies come from
  104. who lives in a pineapple under the sea
  105. why the hell are you using my profile picture
  106. would you rather eat some grass or kitties
  107. would you rather have cheese on strawberries or cheese blueberries
  108. you are adopted.
  109. you moved my cheese
  110. Your feet are too big
  111. your hair tastes like strawberries.
  112. your pineapples are tripping down the hill ?? (i’m sorry if you were thinking about sth dirty ??)

The whisper challenge is best played with a whole group of people as it follows the concept of the more, the merrier. If you want to have funny whisper challenge phrases that the other person would definitely mess up, pick out some phrases for whisper challenge from the above list and see the other player muddle up the whole thing.

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