50 Funny Cute Contact Names For Best Friends

contact names for best friends

Best friends are the close buddies, who know everything about each other. It does not matter if it is just a good quality or bad, they know it and still love each other. Everybody calls his or her best friend with a unique name that only makes sense to both of them, if not to the other world. Surprisingly, they also save that cute name as a contact name in their phone. This is so much fun, yet a coolest way to remember your best friend always.

This only happens when you get to know your best friend too close, and would not call your best friend with the first name like everybody else. I have listed down 50 contact names for best friends to save in phone, but here is another trick for you. Know your best friend first, and find out his or her funny qualities. What she does when she meet you? Is he sleepy all the time? Is he too much concerned just like a momma? Does she looks like a TV character or maybe, cartoon character? Maybe, she is a samurai and can fight with anyone just because of you? Or, she is super caring, and generous. The contact names for best friends that you wish to save in your phone should show the qualities, personality your best friend own. I believe this comes naturally. Look at some contact names for best friend for some inspiration before you choose one for your BFF.

Cute & Funny Contact Names for Best Friends

  1. Little Samurai
  2. Cookie
  3. Satellite
  4. Buddy
  5. Charcoal
  6. Bae
  7. Nerd
  8. Coach
  9. Champ
  10. Care Bear
  11. Inspo
  12. Maybe
  13. Oldie
  14. Bid daddy
  15. Dash
  16. Ladies Man
  17. Super friend
  18. Friend of life
  19. Hoodie
  20. Benz
  21. FIFA
  22. Uncle
  23. Sherlock
  24. Dexter
  25. Troll
  26. Cutie pie
  27. Adopted bro.
  28. Bebo
  29. Turtle
  30. Fruity
  31. Foodie
  32. Phone
  33. Teacup
  34. Straw berry
  35. Dora
  36. Hercules
  37. Busy bee
  38. Back bencher
  39. Glasses
  40. Cute panda
  41. Poker face
  42. Penguin
  43. The nameless one
  44. Irritating
  45. Thunder cat
  46. Speedo
  47. Heroin
  48. Chief
  49. Ninja
  50. The owl

Bonus tip : Split the best friend’s name into parts and choose the first or last part and complete it. For example, Christina turns into chrissy.

Did you get a cool contact names for your best friend to save in your phone? Saving a funny cute contact name for friends would definitely surprise your best friend but it should not really hurt him or her. It can be irritating, or funny as this is what relationships are. We love to make fun of each other, and irritate often. But, there is always fair intentions, pure love and care for the closest beloved people. Even if you save your best friend name as‘garbage’, be prepared to get your name saved as ‘my garbage twin’.  It’s all fun, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “50 Funny Cute Contact Names For Best Friends”

  1. I like some of these names but not all of them!! They need to upgrade names because this is not okay!! I’m pretty mad 😡!!!!

    1. tee hee 👉🏿👈🏿

      What is the matter with them? I’m not trying to be rude, I’m genuinely curious what is the matter??

  2. How is it that “Boo” & “Wifey” didn’t make the list?! Of all the pet/nicknames out there you’d think these would be top of the list. Scissor Sister, is my best friend’s contact name lol.

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