100+ Fun Questions to Ask Your Cousins and Create Lasting Memories

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Have you planned a night stay the coming weekend at your cousin’s place but you don’t have any other idea apart from watching movies or gossips? Then you have successfully landed on the perfect page.We have got a great plan for you to spend an amazing night with your cousins. Cousins are very close to one’s heart. They are your first friends and they share so many memories with you, but do they know you well?

Do they still remember the special moments from your childhood? Lets find this out by a fun filled and amazing activity. Yes, the Cousins Tag! The perfect way to spend yet another memorable night with your cousins. Watching movies is too mainstream when you can do so much to get the evening filled with laughter. Check out these super cool idea of questions to ask your your cousins and make the most of your special time:

You have now a great collection of exciting questions to ask your cousin in the cousin tag. Plan up a night stay and have some fun!

Questions To Ask Your Cousins

Here’s list of fun questions ask your cousins. Enjoy having a great conversation with your cousin!!

  1. How are you related?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What’s your favorite memory together?
  4. Describe each other in three words.
  5. Do you have anything matching?
  6. What nickname does your family call you?
  7. What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve ever had?
  8. Do you have a secret crush that no one knows about?
  9. Do you hang out a lot?
  10. Who is the most talented among all of you?
  11. If you could live with any aunt, who would it be and why?
  12. What is your dream job?
  13. What’s a weird habit of your sibling?
  14. What’s something that annoys you about the other one?
  15. Who takes longer to get ready?
  16. What’s your favorite film you’ve watched together and why?
  17. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?
  18. What was the last thing you bought?
  19. What do you and your cousin(s) do for fun?
  20. Do you sing in the shower?
  21. Who is the best looking among all of you?
  22. Name one thing you can do that your cousin can’t.
  23. Who’s a good cook among all of you?
  24. What time do you usually wake up?
  25. Android or iPhone?
  26. Pants or dresses?
  27. Mac or Windows?
  28. Have you ever liked one of their friends?
  29. Describe the last thing you did together with your cousin.
  30. What is the best memory you share with each other?
  31. What is your cousin’s favorite restaurant?
  32. Do you often go for long drives?
  33. Who is the fastest driver among all of your cousins?
  34. Do you often go to the cinema together?
  35. Have you ever participated in any challenge games with your cousins?
  36. When was the last time you went swimming together?
  37. What is the biggest prank you both have played on someone?
  38. What is the funniest thing you have done together?
  39. What was the last movie you watched together?
  40. Who is the one who gets easily frightened?
  41. Have you ever had an incident in your game where someone got hit?
  42. Who is the one who is usually in trouble and others go to their help?
  43. Have you ever exchanged clothes with your cousins?
  44. When was your last night out with your cousins?
  45. Have you ever watched a horror movie together?
  46. Who is the movie/season/TV show spoiler among all of you?
  47. Has any of you ever had a crush on your cousin?
  48. Whose parents do not allow them for night outs?
  49. Who is more active on social media among all of you?
  50. Have you ever made any videos with your cousins?
  51. Who is the biggest foodie among all of you?
  52. Complete this statement: “My cousin is…”
  53. What’s your cousin’s favorite color?
  54. Do you share any similar hobbies with your cousin?
  55. Who is the better dancer?
  56. What is your favorite childhood memory involving your cousin?
  57. Have you ever traveled together? If so, where?
  58. Who is the more adventurous one?
  59. What is your cousin’s favorite book or author?
  60. Have you ever been mistaken for siblings?
  61. Who is the better storyteller?
  62. Do you have any inside jokes? Share one.
  63. What is your cousin’s favorite song or music genre?
  64. Who is the more organized one?
  65. Have you ever competed against each other in any sports or games?
  66. What is your cousin’s favorite holiday or celebration?
  67. Who is the better cook?
  68. Do you have any funny or embarrassing childhood stories involving your cousin?
  69. What is your cousin’s dream travel destination?
  70. Who is the more outgoing and social one?
  71. Have you ever collaborated on a project or creative endeavor?
  72. What is your cousin’s favorite outdoor activity?
  73. Who is the better problem solver?
  74. Do you have any shared interests or passions?
  75. What is your cousin’s favorite food or cuisine?
  76. Have you ever gone on a road trip together? Share a memorable moment.
  77. Who is the more adventurous eater?
  78. What is your cousin’s favorite TV show or movie genre?
  79. Do you have any funny or memorable family traditions?
  80. Who is the better listener?
  81. Have you ever attended a concert or live event together?
  82. What is your cousin’s favorite animal or pet?
  83. Who is the more creative one?
  84. Do you have any shared goals or aspirations?
  85. What is your cousin’s favorite type of dessert or sweet treat?
  86. Who is the better problem solver?
  87. Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip or adventure together? Share the details.
  88. What is your cousin’s favorite season or time of the year?
  89. Who is the better photographer or selfie-taker?
  90. Do you have any memorable family vacations?
  91. What is your cousin’s favorite hobby or pastime?
  92. Who is the more tech-savvy one?
  93. Have you ever attended a family wedding or special event together?
  94. What is your cousin’s favorite type of exercise or physical activity?
  95. Who is the more fashion-forward or stylish one?
  96. Do you have any shared memories of funny or embarrassing family moments?
  97. What is your cousin’s favorite board game or card game?
  98. Who is the better problem solver?
  99. Have you ever volunteered or done charity work together?
  100. What is your cousin’s favorite quote or motto?
  101. Who is the better driver?
  102. Do you have any shared goals or dreams for the future?

In conclusion, asking questions to your cousins can be a fun and engaging way to strengthen your family bond. It allows you to learn more about each other, discover shared interests, and create lasting memories together. Whether it’s reminiscing about favorite childhood moments, discussing hobbies and interests, or exploring each other’s dreams and aspirations, these questions provide a platform for meaningful conversations and deeper connections. So, gather your cousins, ask away, and enjoy the journey of discovering new facets of your family relationships.

Have fun with your cousin brother or cousin sister.

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