30 Cool Most Likely To Tag Questions

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Have you ever thought that world would be so boring if other people did not exist? It would be boring as well if we don’t know people and their personalities. The idea launched some time back known as the YouTube tag has been widely spread around the world and it is being appreciated by many people. YouTube tags is basically a series of funny, entertaining, informative or a series of any sort of questions that people ask other people. Just turn on the camera and record a video for uploading it later on YouTube and get many viewers attracted to you. It could be a conversational video between two people or may be many people. YouTube being the largest followed social network has gained popularity because of great and funny videos, youtuber tag questions is one of such videos.

Most likely to tag is the series of different funny questions which two partners let’s say boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend. They put their name on a paper like cardboard and then start answering them one by one.

We gather some cool most likely to questions for your next tag. Be it a video or a blog post you can use these questions to have great fun with your partner. 😉

We also added some great youtube video of most likely to tag so you can watch them for getting idea how this tag works. Cool?

30 Most likely to tag questions

Who’s most likely to….

  1. Cry in public
  2. Forget birthdays
  3. Get drunk
  4. Be sleepy
  5. Be inpatient
  6. Fall whilst walking
  7. Laugh at the wrong moment
  8. Fart in public
  9. Be a flirt
  10. Spend all their money on something stupid
  11. Get a stalker
  12. Cry in a sad movie
  13. Talk to animals?
  14. Marry a celebrity
  15. Be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse
  16. Be a drama queen
  17. Watch animes
  18. Listen to classical music
  19. Always be the happy
  20. Be a fan of Star Wars
  21. Skydive
  22. Be hungry 24/7
  23. Know all the words to a TV show theme song
  24. Drop their phone after they bought them
  25. Have the most piercings
  26. Hold their breath the longest
  27. Give all their money to charity
  28. Ask some stupid questions
  29. Be the best at math
  30. Worry about small things

(Source: Yahoo answers, Tumblr, Various blogs)

So here some videos which we came across on Youtube while searching for most likely to questions tag. Take a look. One of them is done by famous youtube Zoella – the beauty!

Great idea. Isn’t it? If you need some idea to spend a great time then ask most likely to tag questions can be hilarious. Kill the silence and have some fun and entertainment because life is a rollercoaster of excitement!

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