205 Funny Mean Names To Call Someone – Hilarious Insults and Roast Ideas

Funny Mean Names to Call People

In every language, there are negative and mean words to call someone just to make them feel inferior. It is common that we know a plenty of positive words to appreciate or motivate someone, but we go blank when we share the negative thoughts about a person or their attitude. Sometimes, we even do not realize that how much we use the negative words and how it can affect our verbal conversation. Too often we get hurt, and we want to name a person with a rude title. Have you ever think of calling people with a mean funny name? I assume, a yes from your side.

50 Cute Funny Contact Names For Mom That Express Your Love

contact names for momA mother always remains special. She is the world to every child, and there is no one like a mother. From the birth to teenage and adult life, we interact with our mothers the most. And, most commonly, we gave her the most used name as mom, mother, mommy, maa etc. Ever thought of giving her a unique, cute contact names to save in phone that pleases her? She is the most important woman in your life, so she definitely deserves more dedication, and love. Moreover, a mother is also a child’s best friend.

50 Funny Cute Contact Names For Best Friends

contact names for best friends

Best friends are the close buddies, who know everything about each other. It does not matter if it is just a good quality or bad, they know it and still love each other. Everybody calls his or her best friend with a unique name that only makes sense to both of them, if not to the other world. Surprisingly, they also save that cute name as a contact name in their phone. This is so much fun, yet a coolest way to remember your best friend always.

25 Strange & Weird Websites You Won’t Believe Exist


While sitting around or simply roaming here and there we often wonder about what good this smartphone or our laptop is? All we can do is just watch a couple of movies and seasons or do the regular work we are assigned and that’s it. What about the time when we are totally free and have got nothing to do, like literally nothing to do? I was surfing the internet when I came across a link of the weird websites I have ever seen.

Out of boredom, I didn’t take a second and opened the website and wow! It really was the most useless, weird yet fun and entertaining website to visit. Nonetheless, it helped me kill my free time and enjoy the weirdness. Thus, I visited many other such sites and made a list of weird websites you won’t believe exist.

66 Most Useless Websites To Waste Your Time & Kill Boredom

useless websites

You are always in search of sites that are only meant to provide quality entertainment but end up with the so common facebook and twitter? Sometimes, the funny memes and interesting tweets also set you back at your couch with no fun at all.

If you are at the same routine work job, you’ll definitely feel down after working for hours. Maybe a 10-minute break can fill the gap? To cut off your boredom, we’ve brought an amazing deal of some pointless funny websites. Yes, useless websites. But, I assure you’ll have lots of fun visiting the useless websites. Most of the time people spend countless hours on Facebook and keep refreshing the page to get some interesting image, news or maybe an animated viral post. It’s all same every day. You definitely need something more interesting than the usual post that you can share with your friends. Following useless websites can help you waste your time to kill boredom and let you enjoy in a different manner. …

250+ Funny Laughter-Inducing Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Funny Nicknames for Guys & GirlsDon’t you fall in love with your buddy, when he/she calls you with a cute or funny nickname? Guys and girls love a nickname as it makes the person feel beloved and confident. To be honest, it also makes you feel ‘considered’ as long as the nickname is pretty cool.

If you find your friend has got a hunky personality, you can surprise him with a nickname ‘Super stud’ or even, ‘Big Boy’. We often put creativity when it’s about to choose a nickname for your friend. By the way, who doesn’t love unique or ‘out of the box’ words?

A lot of times, we get fascinated by funny nicknames that represent a softer side of the personality. People recommend that nicknames should be created in accordance with the aspect of the personality.

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