6 FREE Fake News Generator To Prank Your Friends

Are you thinking to surprise your friends by creating a fake newspaper? Isn’t this an awesome idea? This is definitely the best trick to cheat your friends by making a fake newspaper, that looks exactly like the real one. You can put a bold headline of the culprit name as your friend or take pride in naming yourself as the hot handsome of the town. Cool, right? If your friend is not a tech-savvy then he/she might find this news real and you got a chance to play a prank at him/her.

List Of Fake News Generators

Wanna try the fake newspaper or headline generator tools? Here’s the simple 6 fake news generators that would easily help to create a fake clip or a news headline about your friend.

1. 101Planners


To create a funny newspaper, 101planners newspaper generator is another exciting online free tool. This fake news generator is probably different and unique than others. There are seven different layouts available and they are all free. It is best to goof around and enjoy the fun with the friends. Other than newspaper template, the site also displays several customized funny templates that can go viral. Are you looking to create a funny meme template newspaper ? Try out 101planner and have ridiculous fun.

2. Newspaper by Jaguarpaw 

Do you want to play a prank on your friend? Try this free spoof newspaper tool and have fun. The fake news generator is simple to use. Just with few basic details, you’ll have access to your fresh newspaper. So, you want to create a news that surprises your class? Add a newspaper title that is more professional. Add a catchy fake headline that looks real with a picture of author and his/her name. You can also add further detail to article text column. Now, share the newspaper and get the strange behaviors. It’s a lot of fun.

3. Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Are you ready to fool your friends? This is another funny tool to make fake news. By adding the engaging news and an interesting picture, you can actually make your friends insane. You may get a lot of responses to the newspaper or even few can ask you for the trick. A number of boundless ideas are waiting for your news story. The free feature allows you to add basic details regarding the headline, picture and a text whereas premium feature enables you to add multiple articles, big photo and customized date. Interesting!

4. Add Letters

newspaper-generator_ add-letters

Another superb funny news generator to play a trick on your friends. This free app is easy to use and is fast to generate a newspaper. The site is also helpful because it provides image list and image ideas for the users. Just think about an exciting news headline that you think is perfect to cheat your friend or a family member. You can preview the final look of the paper and download it. You can also print it later on.

5. Breakyourownnews

This is striking. You can create your own breaking news headline story now. It could be about a love-affair or even a top win. To use this fake news generator, you’ll need to add a responsive picture, a captivating headline and ticker details. That’s it. Once you put the information, the newspaper front page is ready to go viral to make your friends crazy. You can put whatever you want in the description details. You can write headlines related to any scandal, a robbery or even about a strange activity in the campus. Get your own breaking news story with thsi free tool in few minutes.

6. Noob 

Do you love to crack hilarious jokes ? Well, this would work great for you. Think of a super funny news headline about your school friend and add his name as the victim. Yes, make him the culprit in the fake newspaper. He would be stunned to know the shocking news, at least for few minutes. You can add an interesting headline and victim’s complete name. A new feature is that you can also add his Facebook link. That’s it. Ready to share the news with the school circle.

I know, you just cannot wait to create the first fake newspaper. What are you waiting for? People will only get entertained with the surprisingly funny news headline, attached with a foolish picture. Make sure, the purpose of these fake news generator is to only entertain the people with silly jokes, not anything serious.

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