150 Motivational & Funny Walking Team Names

walking team names
Everybody loves to walk to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking also helps to stay active and fresh through out the day. But, the reason many people quit their walking routines is the unwillingness to get out of the bed, and go out for a walk daily. So, how about a walking team? A group of people who go on a walk together every morning. When you have a team to walk with, it is much easier to go on a walk and stay motivated.

The fun part is to name your walking team. Have you thought about it yet? You can choose funny walking team names. It could be anything that motivates your team members and it can be funny at the same time. Invite your walking team group members over a cup of coffee and do this fun exercise for choosing walking team names. Later on, you can even post photos of your walking team with your name and motivate others to join you.

Table of Contents

List of Walking Team Names

Here are some good walking team names ideas;

  1. 500 miles
  2. A dozen disco divas
  3. Admit to be fit
  4. After shockers
  5. Ants in the pants
  6. Baby got track
  7. Belly dumpers
  8. Between a walk and a hard pace
  9. Blood, sweat and bears
  10. Born to loose
  11. Buns on the run
  12. But, walk first
  13. Bye bye bubble buts
  14. Chasing fitness
  15. Chicks with attitude
  16. Chicks with kicks
  17. Chitchat walkies
  18. Chubby no more
  19. Coastbusters
  20. Dashing divas
  21. Defeaters
  22. Destination feet
  23. Every day walkers
  24. Excess baggage
  25. Fatloose
  26. Fitness game
  27. Fitness junkies
  28. Flying feet
  29. For shoe
  30. Forty and fit
  31. Game of soles
  32. Gator bait
  33. Glucose patrol
  34. Go getters
  35. Happily walking
  36. Happy feets
  37. Healthy walk
  38. Heels on hills
  39. Hope on the move
  40. In search of fresh air
  41. Just going to stroll
  42. Keep on walking
  43. Last placers
  44. Law and odor
  45. Legs for liberty
  46. Legs miserables
  47. Little steps of hopes
  48. Little walkers
  49. Love at first track
  50. Lucky runners
  51. Magnificent miles
  52. Manic mommies
  53. Matching uniforms
  54. Mind over miles
  55. Mixed bag of nuts
  56. Mostly slow old guys
  57. Motionally challenged
  58. Mountain rangers
  59. Moving mamas
  60. Nerd herd
  61. Next stop
  62. No ubers in sight
  63. Not fast, just furious
  64. On your feet
  65. One calorie at a time
  66. Pimp my stride
  67. Pink ribbon racers
  68. Pretty in pink
  69. Quads of fury
  70. Queen bees
  71. Relay racers
  72. Retired hooters girl
  73. Road kill grill
  74. Road runners
  75. Road trash
  76. Run for your life
  77. Run for your lives
  78. Running rebels
  79. School of walk
  80. Scrambled legs
  81. Self love walk
  82. Sexy thighs
  83. Slow motion
  84. Slow motion to the ocean
  85. Smells like team spirits
  86. Sole mates
  87. Sole passion
  88. Sole sisters
  89. Sole train
  90. Soleful strutters
  91. Something wicked this way runs
  92. Spaghetti legs
  93. Spark plugs
  94. Starting slow, getting slower
  95. Stinky sneakers
  96. Strangers in the morning
  97. Sugar high
  98. Sugar shakers
  99. Superheros in training
  100. Sweet soles
  101. Swift justice
  102. Take a hike
  103. Team badger
  104. Team no name
  105. Team spanks
  106. Terror in meatspace
  107. The fab u less
  108. The fit, the fat and the funny
  109. The pace makers
  110. The quick and the dead
  111. The race pack
  112. The running dead
  113. The walkaholics
  114. The walkie talkies
  115. The walking wenches
  116. The young and the breathless
  117. Thong distance runners
  118. Thunder thighs
  119. Tight buts and sweaty nuts
  120. Together we perspire
  121. Too inspired to be tired
  122. Too stupid to stop
  123. Training wheels
  124. Tramps like us
  125. Trial blazers
  126. Walk don’t run
  127. Walk for passion
  128. Walk it out
  129. Walk this way
  130. Walk this way
  131. Walka walka
  132. Walker’s unite
  133. Walkers for life
  134. Walkers life
  135. Walking at a distance
  136. Walking buddies
  137. Walking fam
  138. Walking heart
  139. Walking rounded
  140. Walking squad
  141. Walking thunder
  142. Weekend runways
  143. Wheelies
  144. Whiskey business
  145. Will be back
  146. Witness the fitness
  147. Wonder women
  148. Wood to coast
  149. Young dads
  150. Young tarts and old farts

Now that you have a bucket loads of ideas for walking team names, it is time to gear up for walking. Even a 30 minutes walk every day will keep you healthy, and in shape. Thus, walking also helps to reduce heart diseases and diabetes. Unlike other exercises, it’s free and fun to do. When you have a motivating walking team to walk with, it is so much fun and a friendly gathering.

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