75 Cool & Funny Fitness Team Names Ideas You Should Try

fitness team names
Are you looking for some catchy names for your fitness challenge team? You definitely need some fitness team names that captivates attention of other participants, and make you stand out. Everybody loves attention but as a fitness team, it is important that the whole team commonly agrees to one name. But, deciding on what name to choose is a tough decision. A team name is basically the identity of that group, and their fitness abilities. It needs to be refreshing, healthy and motivating at the same time.

The purpose of these fitness challenges is to bring awareness about healthy lifestyles. There are many companies and organizations who run fitness challenges where teams participate and do works related to illness and diseases. Some teams aware people about weight loss, and how to live a healthier life. To start off, a fitness team names for challenge is compulsory. These names also get printed on team T-shirts before the challenge or event begins. These kind of challenges also help people stay fit, and healthy. When we are in a group, we are less likely to skip exercises we hate doing. Thus, group challenges help us accomplish fitness and health goals.

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Fitness team names

Below are some fitness team names ideas;

  1. 2 fast 2 furious
  2. Bad beach body boys
  3. Body toners
  4. Bulldozer team
  5. Bye bye bubble butts
  6. Choose for lose
  7. Chubby no more
  8. Coast busters
  9. Die lard
  10. Dixies midnight runners
  11. Downsizers
  12. Drop it now
  13. Excess baggage
  14. Extreme workout
  15. Fat fury
  16. Fat to fittest
  17. Fire means
  18. Fit avatars
  19. Fit from the inside out
  20. Fit to page
  21. Fitmen for hire
  22. Fitness chasers
  23. Fitness fanatics
  24. Fitness maniacs
  25. Flab fighters
  26. Flab shrinkers
  27. Flexible divas
  28. Freesome
  29. Friends with weightlifts
  30. Gym class heroes
  31. Its slimpossible
  32. iWorkout
  33. Lean and mean
  34. Lighten up
  35. Mind over matter
  36. Monster workout club
  37. Monster workout club
  38. Muscle man
  39. Net weight
  40. New dimension
  41. Operation narrow waist
  42. Profit and weight loss account
  43. Record beaters
  44. Rise of the fit-ians
  45. Run track minds
  46. Running on empty
  47. Say choose!
  48. Serial hikers
  49. Skinny jeans team
  50. Smartie pants
  51. Sole trainers
  52. Team iron edge
  53. The flat tyres
  54. The metabolics
  55. The real contenders
  56. The shedding machines
  57. The slimsons
  58. The trimtones
  59. The waist watchers
  60. Thin it to win it
  61. Toe jammers
  62. Tried and tasted
  63. Unpacking the trunk
  64. Waist basket
  65. Waist removal
  66. Walk the walk
  67. Walking fat burners
  68. Weigh to go
  69. Weight benders
  70. Weight strippers
  71. Weight zero
  72. Wishful thinning
  73. Work mates
  74. Workout wonders
  75. World wide weight

Have you got a catchy name for your team? Your team name can be as inspiring as playful as you and the teammates wish to be. Think of how you want the image of your team will help you choose a better fitness team name. From serious to funny and playful, you can go creative and versatile as you want. Another idea is to use acronyms and make it interesting. You can further use inspiration from movie names, and characters and come up with a name. Remember that, it is a team name so give importance to all the members, and make them involve in choosing a name for the team.

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