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150 Motivational & Funny Walking Team Names

walking team names
Everybody loves to walk to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking also helps to stay active and fresh through out the day. But, the reason many people quit their walking routines is the unwillingness to get out of the bed, and go out for a walk daily. So, how about a walking team? A group of people who go on a walk together every morning. When you have a team to walk with, it is much easier to go on a walk and stay motivated.

The fun part is to name your walking team. Have you thought about it yet? You can choose funny walking team names. It could be anything that motivates your team members and it can be funny at the same time. Invite your walking team group members over a cup of coffee and do this fun exercise for choosing walking team names. Later on, you can even post photos of your walking team with your name and motivate others to join you. …

100 Funny & Best Cornhole Team Names To Stand Out

cornhole team names
Cornhole, also commonly known as bean bag toss, is a fun outdoor game. It is a fun social and competitive activity that can be played for any family gathering, backyard barbecue and outdoor location. Just like other games, there will be teams of 2 or more than two players. Basically, it is a lawn game in which a team player takes turn throwing bags of corns at a raised flat platform that has a hole at the far end. To win the game, a team has to continue throwing the bags or sacks in a position that sunk in the hole. A team has to score more than 21 points.

75 Cool & Funny Fitness Team Names Ideas You Should Try

fitness team names
Are you looking for some catchy names for your fitness challenge team? You definitely need some fitness team names that captivates attention of other participants, and make you stand out. Everybody loves attention but as a fitness team, it is important that the whole team commonly agrees to one name. But, deciding on what name to choose is a tough decision. A team name is basically the identity of that group, and their fitness abilities. It needs to be refreshing, healthy and motivating at the same time.

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