90 Cool, Fun & Easy Things To Draw When Bored

When you sit down to draw, your head is not always filled with ideas of easy cool & fun things to draw because creativity is not continuous and cannot be forced. Even great artists have difficulty in trying to decide which things to draw so it is safe to say that it is quite a common problem and you should not worry that you are not a great artist.

Are you having an art block and cannot simply decide what to draw when bored? When such a blockage happens, we think it is wise to start from small easy things to draw which are cool & fun and would help you to relax your mind and get the creative juices flowing and then you can progress onto more complex objects which would require your concentration and time.

Easy things to draw:

Since our focus is to relax the mind, let us look at a list of easy things draw that you can pencil down without causing a headache and without wasting a lot of energy.

  1. Grapes

Grapes are not only yummy to eat but they are impossibly easy to draw as you would just need to make a lot of circles and give them a little texture to make them look realistic.

  1. Airplane

You might think that it is difficult to draw an airplane but you can complete the task without a problem if you just imagine yourself flying one and let your fingers automatically take over in drawing the parts of the plane

  1. Human Eye

Since we all have eyes, it makes it easier to draw it as you can just close your eyes, imagine an eye and pen it on the paper. If you want to go for a realistic look then remember to draw the lashes, iris and pupil.

  1. Wheel

Wheel is an ingenious yet a simple invention and it is also simple to draw it. It is so simple to draw that we will go as far as saying that even a child of 5 years old can draw it.

  1. Cricket Bat

It is surprising that many people are not familiar with the wonderful game that is cricket. While playing the game, one feels powerful holding the bat and that is how you should feel while drawing it.

  1. Hockey

Many people are not familiar with hockey so we are here to tell you that it is a game played by a ball and a stick which is curved at the end and as you can imagine from the description, it is so easy to draw that you can do it without actually ever seeing it.

  1. Fish

Fish is perhaps the best pet to ever own and it is the easiest to take care of too and when it comes to drawing a fish, you can easily do so by recalling your own or someone else’s pet fish.

  1. Foot Print

A foot print is simple enough to draw but we feel that it is also a super interesting thing to draw especially if you pair it with an intriguing background on which it is seen.

  1. Toolbox

Since we were kids, we have wanted to go in the garage and check out the toolbox to see all the tools it has in it but sadly we were never allowed which is why you should draw it and fill it with all kinds of tools that you like.

  1. Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece is the most fascinating thing ever and you will find it so easy to draw because it has not definite shape and you can draw it however you want it to be; it is completely up to your imagination.

  1. Chalk

It used to be a lucky day if we ever used to find a spare piece of chalk lying around on the floor of the classroom so you can start being lucky by easily drawing a chalk and the best thing is that you can make a colored one too using color pencils.

  1. Banana

You might consider it beneath you to draw a banana but it is one of the most important inanimate objects in art which is why even professionals start off a class by making everyone draw a banana so you should do it too.

  1. Battery

Since there are many types of batteries, you can choose any type and draw it. In order to practice it more, we would suggest that you draw all kinds of battery to get better at it.

  1. Sandal

We understand that there are many different sandals but we feel that it is really easy to draw because almost everyone owns a pair so you can just whip that out and copy it on a paper.

  1. Knife

Knives are things that are present in every house and since it is such a common kitchen appliance, we have the curves and lines memorized which means that we can draw it whenever we want.

  1. Eraser

Eraser is a tool that you probably have with you right now if you are drawing with a pencil which means that you are familiar with the shape. You can draw a new eraser or a half used one which would be quite a nice image.

  1. Balloons

Balloons are such joyous inventions that they bring a smile to the face by just thinking about them and you would be happier to know that it is super easy to draw them as they can be drawn in any shape that you want.

  1. Ice Cream

Just thinking about ice cream brings the memory of happier times so why not draw one too. We suggest that you draw different ice creams and have fun drawing.

  1. High Heel

They say that a good high heel is a killer and you can draw one of the killers by attaching a 6 inch high heel with slim shoes and we promise you that you would be done in less than 5 minutes because it is a simple process.

  1. Leaves

Leaves are intricate and delicate things that can be wickedly beautiful but surprisingly, they are easy enough to draw if you just put your mind to it.

  1. Train Tracks

We feel that train tracks are marginally easy to draw as compared to other things because you just need to make two long vertical lines and short horizontal lines in between them.

  1. Candle

Drawing the wax part of the candle is not hard because you just need to draw a stick but the flame can be hard to draw so do practice that.

  1. Heart

We all have been drawing hearts since childhood so you can make one too and it is up to you whether you draw a whole one, a broken one or any other kind.

  1. Moon & Stars

Moon and stars always seem so magical that people hesitate in drawing them because they are scared that they won’t be able to catch the beauty but it is not difficult so trust in yourself and draw.

  1. Trophy

Even if you never got a trophy for anything your school as a kid, you can draw one yourself and pretend to be receiving it for drawing the best trophy ever.

  1. Pineapple

If you have seen the cartoon called Sponge Bob Square Pants then you know how to draw a pineapple; all you need to do is draw sponge bob’s house and you are done.

  1. Jellyfish

A jellyfish might be a terrifying creature but it is not terrifying to draw one because you just have to make a circle and swirly lines beneath it and you have a jellyfish.

  1. Turtle

In order to draw a turtle, you just need to get its head and limbs right because you can easily draw its shell without a problem.

  1. Umbrella

Drawing an umbrella is a piece of cake because the shape is too easy but you can challenge your skills by adding texture to the top part.

  1. Globe

You can do nothing wrong while drawing a globe because all you need to do is draw a circle and make some portions in it and color them differently.

  1. Cup

A cup is simple enough to replicate on paper but the hard part would be drawing the top so make sure that you observe a cup and then draw it.

  1. Glass

Drawing a glass is similar to drawing a cup and you can even put some lines on it to show that it is scratched.

  1. Compass

If you wish to draw a simple compass, you can do so easily by drawing a circle and putting in the digits but you can make it interesting by adding in texture to show that it has been worn and maybe you can even draw its different dimensions to show it from a different angle.

Cool things to draw:

In this category, we will list ideas of things to draw that are cool, bizarre and unusual. While drawing the list, you would feel a spark of creativity as you will be drawing each of the object that we have listed below.

  1. Lips

Lips might seem easy to draw but they would prove to be difficult if you do not pay attention. If you focus, you would find lips to be one of the easiest parts of the human body to draw as it involves curves only. In a mirror, you can observe your own lips and try to replicate them on a paper by imitating the curves and edges of your own lips.

  1. Scissors

It is the tool that we were not allowed to play with as a kid and always seemed too cool and intimidating for us but you can make it come to life with a pen and a paper. All you need to do is get the dimensions and the proportions right and voila! If you want the scissors to look interesting then we suggest that you draw a scissors that is partially open.

  1. Foot in Snow

A foot in the snow might seem like a difficult thing to draw because how will you be able to show the foot if it is covered with snow? Do not worry and have fun as snow is a source of joy so let your creativity flow and draw a foot that is partially covered with snow.

  1. Holding Hands

Two people holding hands is a sign of love and companionship and it is quite a fun thing to draw as it would be like spreading joy. In order to make the drawing easier, draw the palms first and then draw the intertwined fingers and you will have an adorable picture in front of you.

  1. Captain America Shield

It is perhaps the coolest thing to draw because who does not love Captain America. The shield of Captain America is a sign of bravery and loyalty and it is the best shield as nothing can damage it and it has saved Captain’s life countless times. You can draw it by making a circle which blue and red lines and white stars.

  1. Cartoon Kitten

It is safe to say that everyone loves kittens and a kitten which is seen in most cartoons is beyond cute. You can practice by drawing a real kitten and then move onto the cartoon one. If you find it difficult to draw you can divide it into parts; the head first then the body and after that draw the limbs and end with the tail.

  1. Mickey Mouse

things to draw mickey mouse
We have all spent our childhood loving Mickey Mouse and what better way to pay a tribute to him than by drawing him. You might not know it but Mickey Mouse is pretty easy to draw as the shapes are straightforward and we are sure that you can draw them in a jiffy as you would just need to draw circles for most of the body, limbs and his pants.

  1. Cute Turtles

If you are good at animal drawing then drawing a cute turtle would be a piece of cake for you. Even if you are okay at drawing animals, you can draw a cute turtle by drawing its shell and a cute little head peeping out of it with giant round eyes.

  1. Pikachu

There is not a child in this world who does not know the name of Pikachu because he is legendary. As kids, we all used to dote over Pikachu and were impressed by his powers and you draw him with his cute round body and wicked tail with lightening coming off him.

  1. Monkey

You might think that drawing a monkey is not cool but it is if you try to draw an Orangutan because the proportions are quite fun, the colors are interesting to play around with and the face can be a bit of a challenge to draw.

  1. Panda

There is no doubt that pandas are the cutest creatures on planet earth and they are the best thing to ever draw because they are all curves and cuteness and you can make them realistic by just using your pencil.

  1. Hamster

Many of us have pet hamsters but how is drawing a hamster cool? It is cool if you draw a hamster that is running on the wheel in its glass holding space.

  1. Headphone

Headphones allow us to listen to music and how can a thing not be cool which allows us to listen to music. You make them seem cooler if you draw the music icons drifting off them.

  1. Glasses

Many people find glasses nerdy but it is in your hands to make them look cool if you draw a good design which gives off cool vibes while maintaining the original characteristics of glasses.

  1. Bicycle

We understand that many people do not find a bicycle cool but if you try to draw a dirt bicycle then you will definitely fall in love with how it looks on the paper and would show it off to your friends for sure.

  1. Man with a Beard

We have to admit that just the words give off a strange yet interesting vibe which is why we guarantee you that if you allow your imagination to run wild, you can definitely create a cool image of a man with a beard.

  1. Nerd

We are not looking forward to drawing an ordinary nerd; we want to draw a cool nerd. In order to do that, you need to slap on the cool glasses and draw the nerd some cool clothes and everyone can be impressed by him.

  1. Diamond

Even though diamond is just a rock, it is a prized rock so it is already cool. You can draw it nicely by adding the cuts to it intricately.

  1. Love Puzzle

You can draw a very impressive love puzzle if you draw love puzzle pieces which are broken apart but on the same canvas and don’t forget to draw some broken hearts on the pieces.

  1. Victory Sign

Victory sign speaks coolness as it is a sign of this generation which they make when they are posing for pictures and trying to pass the message that they are cool so it is not a problem at all.

  1. Cartoon Eyes

Cartoon eyes are more cute than cool because they are always huge and blinking but you can make them beautiful by drawing thick eyelashes on them and making the irises colored.

  1. Anime

In order to draw an anime character, pick your favorite one and start practicing by drawing the torso first, limbs later and then the head and last thing should be the features. It might prove to be difficult in the beginning but work hard to pay tribute to the anime.

  1. 3d Drawing

Now 3D drawing is quite difficult so we suggest that you watch many tutorials for it and pick the easiest thing to draw like start off with shapes and forms then progress to living things.

  1. Baby Elephant

We list baby elephant in the cool category due to its shape and size. To capture the essence of a baby elephant, draw the body first then slowly move on to the head, limbs and tail but be very careful of the proportions.

  1. Owls

Animals are not always easy to draw and owls have an interesting and a bit difficult form but you can succeed at drawing them if you keep a cool head and practice a lot.

  1. Baby Dragon

The word dragon speaks levels of coolness that no other thing can reach which is why you should definitely try drawing dragons that are flying, crawling, roaring etc.

  1. Puppy

Puppies are adorable but can prove to be a cool thing to draw because the proportions can be a bit thought-provoking.

  1. Bat

Bats would only be cool if you draw them upside down with their eyes and wings open as they hang from the ceiling of a cave full of other bats.

  1. Batman Shield

Shields of any superhero are crazy cool because they are the identity of that superhero and serve as a sort of a body guard and anything that protects a superhero is cool.

  1. Ninja Kid

Since childhood, everyone acknowledges that ninjas are cool and ninja kids are fascinating because they are small, fast, wearing all black, stealthy etc.

  1. Superman

It is not easy to draw superman because you would need to do him justice or else dishonor would be brought down upon you so be careful while drawing the biggest superhero of the century.

  1. Nose

Nose is a pretty straightforward thing to draw but you can make them interesting by drawing different sizes, adding texture and jewelry to it.

Fun things to draw:

Since this is the last category, we want you to have fun with ideas of fun things to draw when bored that might seem ordinary but are actually fun things in disguise.

  1. Pony

A pony might be fun to ride on but they are not easy to draw but it is true that if you master the art, it will be fun to draw because a pony is thought provoking in terms of its proportions.

  1. Ear

An ear is one of the most important parts of the human body without which we can’t hear and it is fun to draw it because it is difficult with all its ridges, curves and what not.

  1. Teeth

Drawing teeth might not require that much artistic sense but making them seem real does because they are so simple that they become difficult when you try to draw them from different angles.

  1. Butterfly

Butterfly is everyone’s favorite thing to draw because it is a trademark of beauty and it brings us closer to natural and while drawing, we all feel that we are flying away with it and breaking the worldly bonds.

  1. Bee

We say that bees are fun to draw because not only are they tiny little warriors of this world, they have an interesting body with its colors, wings and our favorite part is the part with which it stings.

  1. Bear

When we talk about real bears, they are ferocious creatures that belong in the wild and we suggest that when you draw them, draw them near a river with a fish in their mouths.

  1. Zebra

Zebra is another miracle of nature with its black and white stripes, the way its muscles move when it runs and its sound and to capture all that on a piece of paper is quite fun.

  1. Duck

When it comes to drawing ducks, you do have to be limited and you can have your fun drawing different kinds of ducks and draw them splashing and waddling around which is a happy image.

  1. Sparrow

Even though sparrows are common and tiny creatures, they prove to be a great specimen for art drawing. They are round shaped but their feathers speak a story of beauty which you can try to draw.

  1. Bunny

If you want to have real fun, you should try drawing bugs bunny that has been a part of everyone’s childhood and depicts mischief and hilarity quite nicely.

  1. Rabbits

Rabbits are loveable creatures that have fun hopping around everywhere and you can have fun drawing them and show their different movements.

  1. Football

You might think that drawing a football is not fun because it is basically just a circle but if you draw a football that is soaring through a stadium towards the goal post, it is definitely fun.

  1. Sheep

Sheep are furry animals which are the sweetest and the fun comes in when you try to add in the texture in the wool of sheep.

  1. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are fairly easy to draw and you can have fun by drawing different shaped mugs with steam curling out of them.

  1. Cardboard Boxes

We say that they are fun to draw when you make a fort out of them and color them in with different crayons.

  1. Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys are the coolest things ever because they can open different kinds of locks and they look beautiful.

  1. Bombs

Bombs might not be a peaceful invention but they are cool to draw because they emit a vibe of power and they come in all sorts of cool shapes.

  1. Apple

Apple is a pretty basic thing but many people cannot master it which is why we think you should try your hand at it and try to draw a half-eaten apple.

  1. Glass of Water

Many people are unable to draw a glass of water; they can draw the glass easily enough but they cannot show enough depth to depict water in it which is why it is such a challenge.

  1. Camera

Camera is the device which captures pictures of other things so you should try capturing its image by drawing it on a piece of paper and trying to get every part and button right.

  1. Eiffel Tower

Whenever someone says Paris, one thinks of the Eiffel Tower which is also considered to be a symbol of love but it is not easy enough to draw because of its complex structure so keep practicing till you get it right.

  1. Feather

If you think feather is easy enough to draw then you are wrong because it has little details that are hard to get right until and unless you pay absolute attention while drawing and then maybe you will be able to do it.

  1. Pair of Socks

Socks maybe an ordinary thing but you can make them fun by drawing different patterns on them like superheroes, cartoons, cars etc.

  1. Boats

Boats are things that can even master the mighty see which is why it is fun to draw them, especially if you try to draw war boats with cool rigging, wheel, cabins etc.

  1. Bulb

A bulb is simple enough but if you want to have fun then draw an old fashioned bulb which has filament, wires and the works in it.


If you follow and complete this big drawing ideas list or easy, cool, fun things to draw when bored, you would end up with a pretty good portfolio and would have honed your drawing skills a lot. The purpose of this blog was to brush up on the basics, draw your hand at new things and draw some unusual thing that you would not have drawn in normal circumstances. Our purpose was to introduce you to a new world of art that is unique and unlike anything that you have ever experienced in an art class.

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