50 Best, Creative & Funny Color Run Team Names

color run team namesPeople love to enjoy, promote happiness, and health. The Color run is an event to encourage runners of all type and make more fun. It was earlier known as “the happiest 5k on planet”. With time, this event has gained more popularity and now, people get more enthusiastic and are more excited to participate every year. If you are looking to participate as a runner, you will have to be part of a team and in order to represent your color run team, it becomes necessary to print your color run team names on the white shirt. Is not that too cool, and colorful?

Have you thought of a creative name ideas for your color run team? The color run team names can be funny, lively and interesting so that it stands out from other teams. Imagine yourself running with thousands of other people, all soak in vibrant colors. How fun is this? More people are started to participate in this color run event because it is all about spreading and sharing colors and happiness with everyone. People from all over the globe take part in this event for a happy cause. The goal is to spread more love, happiness, health and individuality. You can even include your friends and family to make a team and enjoy an amazing race altogether. A team should have at least 4 members, and one can be the captain. Now, decide some cool, funny color run team names so that you be prepared, and get your shirts ready.

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Color Run Team Names

Here are some ideas to go creative with your own color run team names;

  1. 50 shades of color
  2. A running canvas
  3. Blizzard blues
  4. Blue girl group
  5. Chase the rainbow
  6. Color fusion
  7. Color me Crazy
  8. Color me dirty
  9. Color us fabulous
  10. Cray cray crayola
  11. Crazy tints
  12. Dancing dollies
  13. Dyed divas
  14. Filthy greens
  15. Fluffy unicorn
  16. Free runners
  17. Fruity pebbles
  18. Full spectrum
  19. Full spectrum
  20. Glow girls
  21. Glowbusters
  22. Goldilocks
  23. Hue-ten nannies
  24. Ink me
  25. Jazzberry Jam
  26. Neon nuts
  27. Not fast, just furious
  28. Paint the clouds
  29. Painted pixies
  30. Pallete pushers
  31. Pigmentation party
  32. Pink ponnies
  33. Purple color pallete
  34. Purple lain
  35. Rainbow dashers
  36. Rainbow rockets
  37. Run for run
  38. Running outside the lines
  39. Shady ladies
  40. Shred the rainbow
  41. Sour patch kids
  42. Sprayed and splattered
  43. Team Spanks
  44. The Chamelons
  45. The picasso
  46. The red fashion
  47. The white stripes
  48. Twisted colors
  49. Veiled in colors
  50. White bright lightening

At the end of the event, there will be no white and people will have colors all over them. And, all you see more smiles, and happiness everywhere. The exception is to wear a t-shirt and make it more interesting by adding creative elements and of course, color run team name. Think of other ideas and give a more unique name to your team and stand out. Your team name is going to be your identity among thousands of other runners all over the world. Hoping to enjoy the colorful running event!

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