27 Powerful Six Word Quotes To Take Inspiration From

six word quotesDo you love reading motivating quotes? Do you find quotes inspiring? If your answer is positive then this wonderful collection of six word quotes is going to change your mood for good. There are days and moments in life when you feel upset and you need some motivation to accelerate your life. Words play a major role in our every day lives. Whether you are a teenager, or an adult, you get easily impressed emotionally by words. These words leave impacts on someone else’s life. Sometimes, smaller and sometimes, bigger.

Six words are enough to tell a story or a lesson to someone. A message can be even said with a single word. At times, you need few more words to complete the story and convey the message. Quotes are also truly helpful for self-improvement and personal growth. Whenever, you feel disheartened you always try to find the inner peace and the lost soul. Too often, you don’t really catch up with favorite people and share the emotions but quotes always remain close to you. Put these in a book, a journal or engrave them on the wall frame to get yourself motivated when life gets tough. Just look at the huge collection of six word quotes below that you can send to somebody else or save it for yourself.

Here are six word quotes to make you a strong person;

  1. This is your year to sparkle

Let yourself sparkle in this year. Seek opportunities and take new chances in your life. Maybe, this is the time to show yourself as a creative and let the whole world know about it. Be the sunshine in the crowd.

  1. Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it!

We all wait for opportunities to invite us but the real thing is, you’ve to find opportunities. We always wait to get better things in life. Nothing comes without putting efforts. Often, we’re given chances but we don’t recognize them. Maintain the focus, and good things will start to happen.

  1. Stay patient and trust your journey

Don’t get things on your nerves. Just be patient, and relax. You have to trust yourself and things you are doing. It does take time. During the tough time, you’ve to be strong and calm. Practice patience to get successful in all the areas of life. When we show patience, great rewards await.

  1. Nothing kills you like your mind

If you think positively, all positive things will happen. If your mind constantly thinks negativity, somewhere you will face it and you will be broken. It all starts with your mind.

  1. You got to nourish to flourish

If you can dream it, you can definitely make it. So, you need to have self-belief in yourself. Plus, you also make sure about your wellbeing. The more good you put into yourself, the better results you get.

  1. Every end is a new beginning

After every night, there is another shiny day. Just after endings, there’s always a new beginning. When one chapter ends, another starts. When one opportunity ends, another begin. Every end is a sign that a new beginning awaits.

  1. Keep going, you are getting there

Just be consistent and have trust in yourself. Stick to the path you are moving, and you will see the light of hope. You’re going on the right track. Just stick to it, and keep hustling.

  1. Ideas are easy. Execution is hard

The real thing is to act on your ideas. You get more practical when a project enters into the execution part. It’s hard but achievable.

  1. Dreams don’t work unless you do

Nothing is beautiful than dreaming but it’s more beautiful when dreams come true. Make sure you work for your dream project, and life goals. You are the one to make those dreams possible. Keep working hard.

  1. Money can buy anything except respect

Having heavy pockets can get you tons of things but not respect and love. You have to earn respect by doing deeds and actions that are worthy.

  1. I don’t follow. I always lead

Be a leader. Don’t follow what everyone is doing. In fact, do what a leader does. Not everyone get a chance to become a smart leader. You are not made to become a follower. Show yourself as a commander!

  1. Live like there is no tomorrow

No delay. No regrets. Live a life in your present. Nothing assures you that you will have a better tomorrow. Live your life every day. Each day has something different to offer. Each day is a day of blessings. Live every day to the fullest so that you don’t regret the time that was missed.

  1. With great power comes great responsibilities

Don’t run away from responsibilities. They are a major part of life and we all have to deal with it. Just be confident and handle all the things that come to your way. Keep your eyes wide open for things that are under your responsibility. Make sure every thing is taken care of.

  1. Big things often have small beginnings

Sometimes, the small beginnings can give you big projects. Sometimes, a small beginning can give mega stardom. You never know what can be the final outcome. Sometimes, when you do big changes while remaining close to the small things, spectacular results occur.

  1. Every second is of infinite value

In life, every nano second has an absolute importance. Major things happen in seconds. In a time frame of few seconds, people make and break relationships. People take a new direction in their lives. People start a new chapter and close what was finished. So, every second has it’s own infinite value.

  1. Your insecurities are ruining your life

Do you self-doubt? If yes, it is ruining your life and relationships. When you hate yourself, you end up taking self-sabotaging actions that keep you at a distance from love and happiness. Stop playing people-pleasing game in your life. Have believe in yourself and how you are. Treat yourself with all the love, kindness and respect you deserve.

  1. Don’t be sorry for being yourself

Remember that! Don’t feel sorry for yourself. You are different and that’s what make YOU what you’re. Nobody is perfect. Don’t hate yourself. Talk to your soul and look how beautiful it is. It’s okay if you don’t have a perfect body, or beautiful skin. Maybe, you got more than this. Stop having self-pity.

  1. Lost time is never found again

The time that’s gone is never going to back again. Value the time you have right now. Once it’s lost, you’ll never be able to find it again. There’s no reverse button in our lives.

  1. You’re worth more than you know

Don’t let other assumptions, thoughts and ruthless behaviors affect you in any manner. You’re worthy of things you even don’t realize.

  1. Associate with people who inspire you

Hang out with people who give you positive vibes. Make friends with inspiring people.

  1. Everyone struggles, you know. Remember that

My friend, you’re not the one who struggle day and night. Somebody close to you might also struggling.

  1. When nothing goes right, go left

Stop chasing the same paths over and over again. Maybe, the left path will not take you toward the destination. You have to take right even if it’s zigzag.

  1. Determination will get you through this

Your determination can help you win big goals in your life. If you’re struggling with something, your willingness to overcome it will definitely give you enough strength to fight anything that comes to your way.

  1. Your passions are paramount. Pursue them

Stick to your passion and chase them. Follow to what your heart says. Your passion will make you what you always wanted to become.

  1. Use your imagination. Ignore the hesitation

Stop letting the uncertainty affect your power of imagination. In fact, use the power to get succeed.

  1. Sometimes, we need a little magic

Real life can be boring and bleak. We never find fairies or talking rabits in our rooms. But, we do want some magic in our lives. Remember, miracles happen. Being too realistic usually makes us depressed. Find ways to sprinkle little magic in your lives.

  1. Don’t be busy. Just be productive

Learn to work smarter, not harder. Learn to be productive, not busy. Learn to say yes/no strategically, not yes every time. Have a renewed sense of productivity so that you work more in less time.

So, are you ready to sparkle? How did you like our six word quotes collection? You can use these quotes for your personal growth. These quotes can be great reminders in the times of disappointments in life. Every quote has a different meaning but carries a powerful message which we often ignore. There’s a lesson to learn. Keep these motivating capsules close to your heart and live a better life. If you know someone who needs these quotes right now, just send it and make them feel amazing!

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