30 Five Word Quotes That Will Brighten Your Day Quickly

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Inspirational quotes are truly important in activating dead emotions in our hearts and minds. Sometimes, when we are caught in a depressing situation, a right quote can actually give us an extra burst of hope. Do you remember the last time you had mixed emotions when you were about to embark a new journey in your life? In all of these scattered feelings, quotes can be a source of motivation, encouragement and courage.

In this article, you will get a huge collection of five word quotes that can help you or your closed ones who are going through a tough time in life. These quotes are a perfect gift for anyone who’s having a bad time or weak moment in life. All of these powerful, short, inspirational five word quotes contain strong messages to lighten your inner soul and give you inner peace. The motivating quotes are basically reminders to treasure the simplicity of life. Just read this amazing quotes to get inspired and see how strong words are. You can even send this wonderful quotes collection with your favorite people to change their moods and send them more love.

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Five Word Quotes

Here is an awesome collection of five word quotes;

  1. What we think, we become

Our thoughts make us what we are today. Whatever you think, you will certainly see yourself turning into that person. If you constantly think about negativity, and fake assumptions, you will ultimately become a negative person. The same way, if you continuously think about an inspirational leader, you will become one. So, what you think today is sketching your tomorrow. Think what you really want to become.

  1. Stop existing and start living

Life is tough, fast and moving. Stop having the mere existence in this life. In fact, live the moments of this beautiful life and celebrate it. Just look around and see how amazingly you can live this life. Search for little things to give you lasting pleasure in life.

  1. There’s always a way

No matter how distressing your situation is, there’s always a way to start again. It’s common that we end up in circumstances where our brain stops working and we don’t really know how to make decisions and get ourselves free. Relax yourself and think deeply how you can find a way to overcome the hurdle and start a new chapter in your life.

  1. Be gentle first with yourself

Stop treating yourself harshly. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You are amazing. Your mind has got extraordinary skills, and talent. But, it all starts with believing in yourself. Speak to your heart and be humble with it. Don’t provoke yourself for bad decisions.

  1. Chance favors the prepared mind

Opportunities come to those who are already prepared. Chances are only given to people who are willing to accept it and then use them to conquer. If you want chances happen to you then you need to have a prepared mind who is well rehearsed and planned.

  1. Failing is not always failure

Even if you have fallen five times, there’s always a sixth time. So, failing doesn’t have to really mean that you cannot win. It’s not any failure. You are constantly trying to win. You are learning every day. You will get up with more power, experience and knowledge. Maybe, your win is little far but YOU can do it.

  1. All limitations are self imposed

The only thing that stops you from being limitless is YOU. We are the ones that make ourselves limited. There is no upper limit of our growth. You can do more. You are capable of contributing more. Your limit is only limited by your own actions and beliefs.

  1. Imagination is greater than reality

Imagination helps to create your future. When you imagine things, you actually paint a story of what you really want to do. As we grow, we are more forced into accepting the responsibilities and other realities of life. However, dreaming also reminds us what we are really passionate about. So, imagination ignites the passion and our creativity which is far better than the reality of our lives.

  1. Live life to the fullest

You often read it over and over again that you only live once. So, you should take care of this life and live to the fullest. Life don’t often give you second chances. Enjoy happy moments, celebrate every day, appreciate what you have, help others and be kind.

  1. Another sunrise, another new beginning

Don’t feel upset if you didn’t accomplish something today. As sun rises, there’s a new beginning which lets you enjoy new experiences, and more opportunities.

  1. Big egos have little ears

Have you ever kept your mouth shut and listen to somebody else? If you ego is big, you need to often cleanse it so that you can actually see what’s happening every where. You need to listen others and give them the same respect.

  1. Make each day your masterpiece

Hustle every day. Work every day. Be creative every day. Appreciate every day. Make each day your masterpiece so that you can get more things done.

  1. Failure cannot cope with persistence

If you are persistent with your life goals, you don’t need to get worried about failure. You should just show persistence in your work and let success comes your way.

  1. The shortest answer is doing

Instead of just thinking and making assumptions of your own, start doing. It’s the best answer to any of your questions. When you take action, you actually see the good is coming.

  1. Success is dependent on efforts

You cannot expect to get success in life unless you make efforts. Hustle every day to get yourself little closer to success.

  1. Wake up and be inspired

When you wake up, you should just have good vibes and new goals for the day. Just leave all the bad memories behind and get inspired.

  1. Goals are dreams with deadlines

Goals are meant to be accomplished. Whether you set do-to-list or daily reminders, just remember that goals are dreams with deadlines.

  1. The greatest prayer is patience

There’s nothing better than seeking patience. When you have patience, you can reap the benefits of it for a long period of time. You will learn to be consistent. You will learn to value relationships in life. You will learn to be strong and brave.

  1. You always have a choice

When life puts you down, remember you always have a choice. Maybe, you need to make a better choice for yourself.

  1. Happiness equals reality minus expectation

When you really want to enjoy happiness in reality then you should just ignore expectations. When you subtract anticipation from your life, you are more likely to take pleasure in the little things that give sheer joy and infinite peace of mind.

  1. All you need is less

Less wants. Few needs. Less requirements. Less expectations. Few promises. When you do and expect less, life is more beautiful.

  1. See the good in others

Learn to see good in others. See what good things others have. How amazing things they are doing in their lives? Don’t just pin point any bad attitudes in others. In fact, use the art of seeing good among others.

  1. Always deliver more than expected

When you deliver more than what was expected, you will always get more value, respect, and ever lasting trust. Believe in giving more than the expectations of other people.

  1. I am prepared to succeed

Remind yourself that YOU are always prepared to win. You are ready to make decisions. You are excited for new ventures in life. You are well planned.

  1. All we have is NOW

The beauty of life is enjoying what you currently have. And, all we have is NOW. Thinking of buying a gift for your parents, buy it now! Planning to apply for new job, do it now! Thinking to let someone how special they are, let them know now!

  1. Talkers are no good doers

It’s time to think what you talk and focus on taking action. It is most commonly seen that people who talk more don’t anything.

  1. While there’s life, there’s hope

My friend, don’t get disappointed. While there’s a life, there’s always a hope. We often tell others the same thing that it’s going to be okay tomorrow. But, you also need to say it yourself that there’s always a hope. Don’t feel discouraged and upset.

  1. Learn from your silly mistakes

Mistakes make us more strong, focused and experienced. It’s okay if you commit mistakes. Make sure, you learn from mistakes and master to move forward.

  1. Make yourself necessary to somebody

Not everyone may find you important. But, there are few people in your life who always care for you. Prioritize them and make yourself necessary to them.

  1. Never forget about your passion

Your passion should be most important to you than success of failures. The passion is the hunger to achieve something in your life. Whatever it could be, just remember that and do something related to your passion.

So, you loved these five word quotes? Send any of these quotes to your loved ones and make their days better and gorgeous. You might also want to add these quotes to your book of favorite quotes so that you can read them and admire yourself whenever you feel unmotivated. Most importantly, a single word can make or break your whole day. Enjoy these five word quotes and spread the knowledge.

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