6 Free Actual Size Online Ruler ( Centimeter / Inch / Metric )

Are you searching for a physical ruler to calculate measurement? Don’t fret out, the virtual world also has a brilliant solution for the dimension. The World Wide Web has got a number of virtual rulers to help you out with any query related to the measurement of certain objects. Online websites have virtual rulers available in both inches (in) and metric (cm and mm). The arrangement of ruler can easily be done by comparing the ruler with the object size or referring to the pixels of the monitor, also called PPI.

Following are the free online ruler on the internet that can provide approximate measurement but, it does not provide accurate results as compared with the physical rulers. By setting the actual size of the ruler, the user mostly gets the accurate dimension.

List of actual size online ruler

1. Get Ruler

Without finding a tape measure, now you can calculate the exact size of small or large objects with the online free ruler. You first have to place the object, the exact pixels are calculated with the virtual ruler. It automatically creates an image that fits the monitor screen. The benefit of using this ruler is that you can quickly resize the total image in centimeters, millimeters, pixels or inches. Get ruler will help you determine the approximate size that you need to require for a couch, an envelope or even a book.

2. iRuler 

It is another free actual size online ruler to help you examine the actual size of the object. Iruler gives you the option to set the size of your monitor screen in pixels or inches. If you have a different display, use the tool to customize the setting and adjust the perfect monitor display. By placing the object on the screen, you can simply evaluate the final measurement. The best thing is that you can now find the sizes without the need of measurement tape. With your mobile or desktop, figure out the actual size in few minutes.

3. Ruler Online

Ruler Online is another virtual tool to identify any object’s size. By using this tool, you can change the PPI and calibrate it according to the size of the placed object. Also, you can get the size in centimeters and inches. In addition, it allows you to select the graduation of an inch. So, choose the option that suits your requirement. After placing the object, just click on the virtual ruler to place the red line mark, and then you can check the perfect size of the things. Whether you are out in the market or stuck in the office, you can have the measurement with the help of this free ruler.

4. GiniFab 

The handy online ruler is another useful tool that has worked as a better replacement to wooden rulers. Before using this ruler, it is recommended to adjust it to an actual size and also set the settings of monitor screen to pixels per inch. You can use any item as the compared object and determine the final size. The best way to use this ruler is to drag it left or right in a better way to fit a perfect size. It is also important to save the settings of the correct pixels before you leave the page.

5. Actual size ruler

Among other online rulers, this website claims to provide actual size of the monitor screens. This online actual size ruler is absolutely free to use. It also provides the perfect screen resolution according to the monitor screens of the user. You just have to choose the horizontal or vertical position. If the object can be best placed in the vertical setting, it will give the accurate size. The site also gives options for length convertor. You can convert centimeter into millimeter or meter into micrometer. It is a plus point of using this ruler. A number of conversions are available under the specific feature.

6. Actual size online ruler

This ruler has got an enormous advantage for you. The actual size online ruler uses the canvas element and is powered by Javascript and HTML5. The user must have to select the size of the monitor screen before calculating the size of the object. Selecting the screen dimension is an important step and after you do this, the ruler adjusts itself according to the size mentioned by the user. It is easy to use tool and enables you to calibrate the ruler in the best manner.

Enjoy measuring objects with these free online ruler with actual size.

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