100 Funny Mean Names to Call Your Boyfriend Jokingly

Mean Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Are you ready to add a touch of playful banter and affection to your relationship? Look no further! In Mean Names to Call Your Boyfriend, we’ve compiled a diverse list of endearing and humorous nicknames to bring laughter and love into your partnership. These nicknames are meant to be light-hearted and fun, ideal for couples who enjoy teasing each other in the most affectionate way possible. Whether you’re seeking the perfect moniker to make him smile or simply looking for some inspiration to spice up your exchanges, this list has you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect nickname that perfectly encapsulates your unique bond.

Funny Mean Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Dive into the world of humor and playfulness with our collection of funny mean names to call your boyfriend that you can affectionately use to tease him. These nicknames are designed to bring laughter and lightheartedness to your relationship, all in good fun.

  1. Troublemaker – For the boyfriend who always finds himself in amusing predicaments, this nickname highlights his mischievous side.
  2. Goofball – Perfect for the guy who loves to act silly and make you laugh with his goofy antics, this name adds a playful touch.
  3. Joker – Acknowledge his sense of humor and playful nature with this well-known nickname, signifying his ability to bring smiles.
  4. Clown – Playfully tease him about his knack for bringing laughter and joy to your life, comparing him to a lovable clown.
  5. Rascal – Let him know that he’s a charming troublemaker in your eyes with this endearing nickname that combines humor and affection.
  6. Sarcasto – A witty play on “sarcastic,” suitable for the boyfriend with a sharp tongue and clever remarks, adding humor to your endearment.
  7. Giggles – Celebrate his infectious laughter and the way he makes you giggle uncontrollably, emphasizing his fun-loving nature.
  8. Punster – For the boyfriend who loves wordplay and puns, this nickname adds a humorous twist, acknowledging his clever humor.
  9. Mischief – Playfully accuse him of being the mastermind behind all the mischief in your relationship, adding a touch of playfulness.
  10. Prankster – Let him know he’s the chief architect of playful pranks and funny jokes, highlighting his playful side.
  11. Quipster – Recognize his talent for delivering witty and clever remarks with this amusing name, emphasizing his humor.
  12. Silliness – Emphasize the importance of silliness and laughter in your relationship with this endearing term, highlighting the fun you share.
  13. Chucklehead – Playfully tease him about being the head of all the chuckles and laughter, celebrating his ability to make you laugh.
  14. Sarcasmo – For the boyfriend who’s a master of sarcasm, this nickname adds a humorous touch, signifying his witty banter.
  15. Whimsy – Celebrate his whimsical and light-hearted personality with this fun-spirited name, expressing affection in a playful way.
  16. Guffaw – Acknowledge his ability to induce hearty laughter and guffaws in your relationship, highlighting his knack for humor.
  17. Goofster – Let him know he’s the ultimate goofball and the source of endless fun in your life, adding a fun-loving vibe.
  18. Hilarity – Playfully suggest that he’s the captain of all the hilarity and fun in your relationship, emphasizing the joy you share.
  19. Doodlebug – Add a touch of whimsy to your nicknames with this fun and affectionate term, celebrating his unique charm.
  20. TickleMe – Playfully accuse him of being the chief tickler and source of ticklish joy in your life, adding a fun and flirtatious tone to your endearments.

List of Mean Names to Call Your Boyfriend Jokingly

Explore a comprehensive list of mean names that you can playfully use to tease your boyfriend in a light-hearted and jesting manner. These nicknames are perfect for couples looking to add a touch of humor to their endearments.

  1. Troublemaker
  2. Joker
  3. Prankster
  4. Rascal
  5. Jester
  6. Clown
  7. Mischief
  8. Smarty
  9. Rebel
  10. Scallywag
  11. Trickster
  12. Jokester
  13. Prankster
  14. Goofball
  15. Teaser
  16. Charmer
  17. Picky
  18. Pudding
  19. Noodle
  20. Numbskull
  21. Wacky
  22. Smarty
  23. Troublemaker
  24. Rascal
  25. Giggler
  26. Smarty-pants
  27. Dork
  28. Wimp
  29. Dizzy
  30. Silly
  31. Weirdo
  32. Fumble
  33. Rookie
  34. Doodle
  35. Bumbler
  36. Flake
  37. Loony
  38. Grouch
  39. Nitwit
  40. Numbnuts

Romantic Mean Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Discover a selection of romantic mean nicknames for your boyfriend that allow you to express deep affection and love for your boyfriend in a playful and endearing way. These names combine humor with romance, making them perfect for couples who enjoy both laughter and love in their relationship.

  1. Lovebird – A sweet nickname for couples deeply in love, symbolizing your close bond.
  2. Heartthrob – Acknowledge his ability to make your heart race with this affectionate name.
  3. Soulmate – For the one who completes your soul and fills your life with love and happiness.
  4. My Everything – Express that your boyfriend means the world to you with this all-encompassing nickname.
  5. Beloved – A classic term of endearment that conveys deep love and affection.
  6. Adore – Let him know that you adore and cherish him with this heartfelt nickname.
  7. Darling – A timeless and endearing name to call your loved one.
  8. Honey – Celebrate the sweetness of your relationship with this affectionate nickname.
  9. Treasure – Show that he’s the most valuable person in your life with this loving title.
  10. Sweetheart – Remind him that he holds a special place in your heart with this classic endearment.
  11. Angel – For the boyfriend who feels like a heavenly presence in your life.
  12. Cuddle Bear – Perfect for the guy who loves cuddling and brings warmth to your life.
  13. Dreamboat – Let him know he’s the man of your dreams with this romantic nickname.
  14. Moonlight – Symbolize the romantic glow he brings to your life like moonlight.
  15. Eternal Love – Convey that your love for him is everlasting with this affectionate term.
  16. Cherished One – Remind him that he’s the most cherished person in your world.
  17. Passionflower – For a passionate and romantic connection, this name captures the intensity of your love.
  18. Heart’s Desire – Emphasize that he fulfills all your heart’s desires with this endearing nickname.
  19. My Prince – Treat him like royalty and let him know he’s your prince charming.
  20. Amore – Borrowing from Italian, this word simply means “love” and adds a touch of international romance to your relationship.
  21. Love Rebel – A nickname that combines your boyfriend’s rebellious spirit with your deep love for him.
  22. Passion Pirate – Playfully accuse him of stealing your heart with his passionate nature.
  23. Heart Thief – Let him know that he’s taken ownership of your heart in a charming way.
  24. Seductive Scoundrel – Tease him about his seductive charm while expressing your affection.
  25. My Love Bandit – Playfully suggest that he’s stolen your love and heart like a bandit.
  26. Charming Rogue – Acknowledge his charm and charisma in a playful, romantic manner.
  27. Amour Trickster – Borrowing from French, this name combines love and mischief in a romantic way.
  28. Sensual Rascal – Playfully highlight his sensuality while expressing your affection.
  29. Passionate Outlaw – Suggest that his passion for you is so intense that it’s almost outlawed.
  30. Heartfelt Rebel – Recognize his rebellious side while conveying your heartfelt love.
  31. Adoration Maverick – Playfully accuse him of being a maverick when it comes to your adoration.
  32. Sweetheart Vagabond – Emphasize that he’s your wandering sweetheart, making your love adventurous.
  33. Love Bandit – Suggest that he’s a master of stealing hearts and love with his charm.
  34. Seductive Maverick – Combine his seductive nature with his adventurous spirit in this playful nickname.
  35. Charming Renegade – Playfully tease him about his charming ways and rebellious spirit.
  36. Passionate Rebel – Celebrate his passion for you while acknowledging his rebellious side.
  37. Heartstealer – Let him know that he’s stolen your heart in a playful, romantic manner.
  38. Amour Pirate – Continue the theme of love and piracy with a French twist in this nickname.
  39. Sensual Vagabond – Playfully suggest that his sensuality makes your love journey adventurous.
  40. Romantic Rogue – Combine his romantic nature with his rogue-like charm in this affectionate nickname.

These romantic nicknames are perfect for expressing your deep love and affection for your boyfriend in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

In the world of relationships, a little playfulness and affection can go a long way. We hope our list of  Mean Names to Call Your Boyfriend has not only brought a smile to your face but also added a touch of humor and warmth to your relationship. Remember, these nicknames are meant to be lighthearted and fun, so choose the ones that resonate with your unique bond. Whether you’re aiming to make him laugh or simply want to express your love in a playful way, these nicknames are here to help. So go ahead, pick the perfect one, and keep the laughter and love flowing.

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