80 Positive Words That Start with E

Positive words that start with E

If you were feeling even a tad bit low and negative, here is the good luck you were wishing for! We are here to present you with an all-new list of positive words that start with E, and trust us, there are many to completely turn that frown upside down!

The aim of this list is to replace the negative self-talk with positive reassurances by supplying you with positive words. Be sure to read these and repeat these and internalize them by letting their positive effect wash over you. Let the charm of the words work their way on you and transform your state of being into a happier one!

List of Positive Words That Start with E

Knock yourself out with the list of 80 positive words that start with E and bask in the positivity they bring you. We do hope it is a good read, and more than that, a good start to a good day!

  1. Eager – Enthusiastic and willing to carry out something
  2. Earn – To deserve something
  3. Earnest – Resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.
  4. Earthing – Grounding
  5. Ease – Comfort and without the lack of difficulty
  6. Easily – Executing something with ease
  7. Easy – Finding the process of doing something unchallenging
  8. Ebullience – The quality of being cheerful and full of energy
  9. Ecosophy – A ranch of philosophy that discusses balance in ecology
  10. Ecstatic – Being in a state of extreme joy
  11. Educate – Make someone aware
  12. Effective – Having the ability to produce the intended impact
  13. Efficacy – Being effective
  14. Efficiency – Doing something in the best possible way
  15. Efficient – Being competent and productive
  16. Effort – Hardwork
  17. Effortless – Achieved with admirable ease.
  18. Ekaggata – A Buddhist term meaning “unification of awareness”
  19. Elated – Joyous and happy
  20. Elation – State of being elated
  21. Electric– Having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement.
  22. Elegance – Integration of simplicity, decency and style
  23. Elevate – Ascension
  24. Embody – To represent a quality or an idea exactly
  25. Embrace – Accept willingly with open arms
  26. Empathize – To put yourself into someone’s shoes and imagine their feel
  27. Empower – Give the power of executing or give the authority to someone
  28. Emulate – Imitate or match
  29. Enable – Give the power and ability too
  30. Enchanted – Bewitched and entranced
  31. Encourage – Give motivation and inspiration
  32. Encouraging – Something that gives you motivation
  33. Endurance – The ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.
  34. Energetic – Something that makes you feel alive
  35. Energize – Give vitality and enthusiasm to
  36. Energy – The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.
  37. Engage – Occupy or attract (someone’s interest or attention).
  38. Engaging – Interactive and interesting
  39. Engrossed – To engage
  40. Enjoyment – The state or process of taking pleasure in something.
  41. Enlightment – Being blessed with awareness and knowledge
  42. Enlivened – Make (something) more entertaining, interesting, or appealing.
  43. Enormous – Huge
  44. Enough – Having sufficiency
  45. Enthusiastic – Being excited and willing to do something
  46. Enthralled – Bewitch and fascinate
  47. Entranced – Be filled with wonder and awe
  48. Equality – The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.
  49. Equanimeous – Calm and composed.
  50. Equitable – Fairness and impartiality
  51. Equity – Being fair and impartial
  52. Erlebnis – A German word meaning adventure
  53. Eternal – Everlasting
  54. Ethical – Exhibiting basic decency and moral values
  55. Eudemonism – A system of ethics that bases moral value on the likelihood of actions producing happiness.
  56. Eunoia – Beautiful thinking
  57. Evaluative – Based on or relating to an assessment to form an idea of the value of something.
  58. Evolve – Gradually progress and develop
  59. Exalt – Glorify, extol and praise someone
  60. Exalting – Venerating someone
  61. Excellence – Outstanding
  62. Exceptional – Unique in the sense of being downright amazing
  63. Excite – Cause (someone) to feel very enthusiastic and eager.
  64. Excitement – Elation
  65. Exemplary -The perfect embodiment
  66. Exhilarating – Enthralling and thrilling; making adrenaline rush
  67. Expansive – Covering a wide area in terms of space or scope; extensive
  68. Expectant – Having or showing an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something good.
  69. Experience – Practical contact with and observation of facts or events.
  70. Expertise – Having the skillset required
  71. Expertly – In a knowledgeable manner
  72. Exploration – Examining and discovering
  73. Expressiveness – Act of showing expressions
  74. Expression – The action of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.
  75. Exquisite – Elegant and absolutely lovely
  76. Extensive – Very expansive
  77. Extra – More than required
  78. Extraordinary – Ascending the ordinary
  79. Exuberant – Having energy and liveliness shine through
  80. Exultant – Extremely elated and jubilant

Here now, do you feel better? Maybe a simmering joy bubbling inside you that is making you feel positive and happy? That sure is our intended effect, though! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself reading these positive words that start with E. Stay tuned for more, and share with us your thoughts!

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