40 Brilliant Powerful Short Three Word Quotes

short powerful three word quotesWords are incredible. They can be a source of motivation and inspiration. Encouraging words can really change mood swings and make you feel rejuvenated. The truth is, there’s always need of some extra efforts from your end but these words can make you feel new again and give you the motivation to move on. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a pair of thousand words but a short three word quote is enough to revitalize you. Am I right?

No matter how upset or sad you are feeling today, the powerful nature of words are always helpful. Even if your friend feels discouraging, share these words to uplift her moods. In my opinion, words are magical. They can stir a moment of joy and happiness in someone’s eye. That’s why it’s always said, ‘Think twice before you speak’. Once your words are out, they are never taken back. To help you out, I have collected a list of three word quotes that you can share anytime with anyone.

Three Word Quotes

Here are three word quotes to inspire you today.

do it now

    1. Do it now – If you are still waiting for a perfect time, then you’re on mistake. Just, do it right now.
    2. Let it go – When things trouble you, just let them go. It’s okay to move forward and try new things that come to your way.
    3. Appreciate the moment – Ever took a minute and appreciate the moment you’re living in? If not, appreciate it now. It’s beautiful and will never come again in your life.
    4. Believe in yourself – Nothing will ever discourage you, if you believe in yourself. Aim high and have a faith that you’re going to accomplish.
    5. Be a giver – Instead of taking from others, be a giver. Let it be your wisdom, knowledge or smartness. Help others and make yourself better.
    6. Block out haters – Haters are everywhere. Blocking them out is the safest way to ignore them and move forward with our life goals.
    7. Change is good – As far as you’re human and taking breathe, you need change. It can be a something new for refreshing your soul or mind. Maybe, travelling to a beautiful destination will give pleasantness to your eye. It’s always good to have change.

count your blessings quote

    1. Count your blessings – It’s normal that we all get disappointed at times. But, how often you count your blessings and feel blessed? Spare few minutes and see how blessed you are.
    2. Against all odds – And, sometimes against all odds, against all facts, we still hope and we make it.
    3. All is well – Life is all about surprise tests. We all are tested at different circumstances. Once, the bad time passes by, everything turns to normal. Just whisper to yourself that all is well. Everything is going to be fine.
    4. Try something new – Don’t scared to try new things in your life. Wake up and try new adventures. If something scares you, try it. If something isn’t working, try something else. Enjoy the beauty of new adventures in your life. Trust me, you’ll every bit of it.
    5. Dreams come true – People see dreams and struggle every day to achieve those dreams. It’s an indication that dreams are achievable. So, be a dreamer and hustle every day to make those dreams come true.
    6. Never give up – No matter how hard life push you back, try again and never give up. If you are thrown six times, stand up for the seventh time. Don’t let your weakness defeat your strength.

remember to live three word quotes

    1. Remember to live– In the hassle of every day life, don’t forget to live your life. Set a reminder that this life is beautiful and you’ve to live it beautifully.
    2. Nobody is perfect – Stop chasing perfectionism at every stage of life. Nobody is perfect! It’s alright if you make silly mistakes. It’s alright if you failed to draw a straight line. It’s fine if you aren’t best at everything.
    3. Keep it cool – Keep things easy, fun and cool. Love listening to jazz music while cooking? Cool!
    4. Learn from yesterday – Things you’ve done yesterday were just mistakes you did unknowingly. Instead of blaming another couple of years, learn from those mistakes and move forward.
    5. Because I can – Nobody is going to tell you over and over again. You’ve to assure it yourself that YOU CAN!
    6. Pursue your passion – Let your passion sketch your career. If you’re passionate, nothing can ever stop you. Know your passion and pursue it.
    7. Live for others – Don’t be selfish, live for others. The feeling of doing things for others is incomparable. When you live your life for others, you will have more inner satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment.

 now or never quote

    1. Now or never – It’s either now or never. Don’t over think as it might kill your present desires. If you’re sure about something, just do it. Don’t spend another thinking whether to make the decision or not. Friend, you’re wasting a whole year!
    2. Make it happen – Don’t let fear stop you from taking the action. In fact, make it happen and show it to everybody else.
    3. Be obsessively grateful – There’s always something to be thankful for. Remind yourself and be grateful for things you’ve.
    4. Good vibes only – Surround yourself with positive souls and positive vibes will naturally come to you.
    5. Feed your soul – Your soul is the infinite power of who you are. Make sure you feed it well.
    6. You are enough – You don’t need an army of thousand man to support you. Remind, you are enough! You can do everything possible.
    7. Smile. Sparkle. Shine – Let your soul smile, sparkle and shine. Smile makes you feel happy and pleasant. And, it doesn’t cost you a dime. Right?

every moment matters

    1. Every moment matters – Stop wasting hours, days and years over arguments and unsettled decisions. Every moment in your life is priceless.
    2. Keep moving forward – Obstacles hinder your way to success but always keep moving forward. Don’t let self doubts, and opinions stop you from moving forward.
    3. Use your wings – Your wings already exist and you just have to fly. Spread your wings and fly high.
    4. Take the risk – As you grow older, you will wish that why didn’t you trust yourself and became a little braver? Instead of creating worst-case scenarios in your minds eye, take a risk.
    5. Hit the goals – People act fast to set goals and become slower to hit those goals. Be a goal getter!
    6. Stop underestimating yourself – You are far more physically and mentally stronger that you think. Never underestimate your ability to do things.
    7. Conquer from within – If you want to conquer the world, you’ve to start from within yourself.
    8. Don’t set limitations – Stop limiting your potential. Know that there’s an unlimited number of things you can do with your life.

    1. Winners never quit – Quitting is never an option for champions. If you’re a winner, you don’t have to believe in quitting.
    2. Success breads success – The more you experience success, the more you will be successful.
    3. Never look back – You will never see great things ahead of you, if you keep looking at the bad things from past. Live, learn and never look back.

focus and win three words quote

  1. Focus and win – It always good to enjoy the feeling of winning. But, to achieve the winning moments, you’ve to be focused.
  2. You got this – The secret sauce of getting awesome things in your life is knowing the fact that you know what you want and believe you can get it. You will have to push yourself hard and do things you believe in. Because, you know, you have got this!

Wasn’t this a rocking list? Maybe, not all, but many of these three word quotes might have given you enough encouragement in your present life. I’m sure you have felt more energetic, enthusiastic and motivated. Why not share this piece of inspiration with your friends and family?

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5 thoughts on “40 Brilliant Powerful Short Three Word Quotes”

  1. 37. Success breads success – The more you experience success, the more you will be successful.

    Don’t you mean “Success BREEDS success?”

  2. My grandmother used to embroider quotes such as these in cute little picture frames and they were everywhere in her home! There was no chance I could be down with all these positive reminders. Nice to see them!!

  3. “then you’re on mistake” does not make sense.. it could make more sense to say “Do it now… waiting for the perfect time creates a lot of pressure- it’s okay if it’s not perfect.”

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