12 Best Stores Like Anthropologie, But Cheaper You Probably Didn’t Know

stores like anthropologie

Are you absolutely in love with Anthropologie? Undoubtedly, it is the most popular retail clothing store for all the gorgeous women. A full featured online updates plenty of enthralling items for women who belong to late 20s to late 40s. The store displays products in different categories including shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and clothes. To keep the focus on price factor, I’ve made a list of best alternatives to Anthropologie.

I’ve explored some of the best online stores like Anthropologie to give the best shopping experience at attractive prices. This way, you don’t need to compromise on your choice of an outfit or a pair of shoes. The list of wonderful online stores will work great on your budget too. It also gives a choice to buyers to shop from a wide range of stores. Pick your favorite item at an affordable rate.

Stores like Anthropologie

Here are top Anthropologie alternatives stores where you can find quality women items at a good price.

Urban Outfitters

As you know, Urban Outfitters is the master head of anthropologie because it is the parent company. It is truly considered as the top alternative. The store offers a wide range of fantastic items of clothing, footwears and other essentials for both men and women. Other than this, beauty products and home decor items are also some good options. The comprehensive and quality products will make you fall in love with the Urban Outfitters.

Nasty Gal

Are you a college girl? Or, a teenager who absolutely love the trendy and classic dresses ? Nasty Gal is definitely the perfect store to shop for a trendy outfit for a night out party. The store displays a wide range of super attractive dresses and damn good jeans. It has got an amazing list of items of clothing, footwears, jewelry items, scarves and other accessories. The store claims to serve more than 600k customers in the year 2015. A shop to give you a fabulous look.

Forever 21

One of the best choice for attractive clothing items. Forever 21 has become the preferred destination for a classic dress. Young girls whether they go school or college don’t miss the chance to visit the popular store Forever 21. The company located in Los Angeles was founded in the year 1984. It displays the products at more than 800 popular locations in the UK, United States, and the Middle East. The company also generate a solid income through online shopping. It has a varied range of clothing for men and women. It also got wonderful items for kids. Another feature is the affordable rate factor which attracts buyers to place orders instantly.

Free People

This particular store perfectly suits your choice if you love the boho feel of Anthropologie, then this is one of great stores like anthropologie. Free people is the retail shopping destination where you can find exclusive statement piece for yourself. The enticing clothes available at the fashion store will give you a feminine look that is classic and edgy. The merchandise style is also similar to Anthropologie. The bright outfits are another attraction of Free People as the stock displays top pieces from popular labels. It makes the store different than others. With the return policy of 30 days, the store also offers free shipping over $100. A great deal, though.


Looking for on-trend pieces for a rocking event or a night out? ASOS becomes a good alternative to anthropologie. The store targets men and women of 20 something. It is also a one-stop shopping destination for varied brands. It displays a wide range of 850 labels, offering an impressive clothing line. The store also has its own clothing range, specifically made for teenagers. It also offers free shipping over $40 orders. Another reason why women visit ASOS is that it usually offers huge sales on selected items. It builds more customers due to the attractive sale offers and big discounts.Other than dresses, denim and footwears the store has got jumpsuit and playsuit for women.


Do you love timeless fashion wears? If yes, then Madewell can be a nice choice for you. If you are a person who prefers to wear comfortable clothes then make sure you visit madewell eternal pieces. The store displays high-quality denim, authentic leather jackets, slouchy tee shirts and classic boots. Madewell is a fashion store to make you look stylish. From summer dresses to cool shorts the madewell stores offers different options for girls and women.The best thing is that it offers shipping to more than 100 countries. Online shopping also lets you enjoy the sale offer.

American Eagle

Are you searching something that is cheap and impressive? You should try American eagle for a great shopping experience. The publically traded company offers inexpensive clothing items, accessories, personal care products and footwear. The customers always get something in good price. It can be a pair of jeans or a trendy shirt. The store was founded in 1977 and is located at the United States. It also offers free shipping over $50 purchase. This is one of the great stores like Anthropologie.

Chic Wish

Chic Wish becomes your ultimate choice after Anthropologie if you deliberately love embellished looks. The store is built particularly to meet the fashion desires of women. If you are looking for a stylish and classic dress then this might be a perfect shopping destination. The exquisite skirts and tops available at the store will make you fall in love with the sparkling clothing pieces. The designs are more feminine, vintage and embellished.


Modcloth is one such interesting store that has brought vintage-inspired indie clothing line for girls and women. The pastoral prints and rustic motifs on the women clothes add brightness and also provide a luminous look to the women. You can expect offbeat office wear at this store which is comparably affordable than anthropologie. It is known for express delivery in 3 to 5 days. The price range is gorgeous as you can get a day dress as cheap as $50.


Venus proves to be a good alternative if you are looking for some trendy intimates and attractive women garments. The company is popular for its stylish intimates and other swimwear products. The store offers a big collection of sports bras, underwire tops, push up tops, halter tops, and bedroom costumes. It is commonly known for its high-quality pieces. It also becomes the best choice if you are interested in buying lingerie and swimwear items. For all young and fresh girls, venus can be your next stop.


It is yet another modern store designed for today’s women and men. Shopbop is one such contemporary store that displays a similar selection to Anthropologie. One plus point at shopbop is that it offers different popular brands and designer pieces. The store is famous for exhibiting the varied range of items. From clothes to foot wears and accessories, customers get a wide product range to shop. It also provides free returns and free 3-day shipping. This was our last store from collection of stores like anthropologie.

How often you buy stuff from all these stores? What items have you mostly purchased from stores like Anthropologie? If you know some other amazing stores like above then we’d be glad to have your information in our comments.

We’d also appreciate your thoughts on buying from these stores. What’s your best stores like Anthropologie?

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