52 Things I Love About You (Complete List With Ideas)

things i love about youSo, you always wonder about the best thing of your partner? Whether its about habits or the way he really cares about you, you’ve always loved him to bits. Have you ever wondered, why do you love your partner so much? Well, there could be endless reasons of loving your wife, husband or a special friend. There could be nothing beautiful than this. Dear friend, it is the right time to confess the real love to your soul mate and reveal the secrets about him. Here is the list of ‘52 things I love about you’.

Do you remember those birthday surprises that leave you in happiness? Maybe, he has bought you one of your favorite dress. Chances are that he has cooked some really delicious food for you, in the middle of night. You must remember the late night phone calls that were meant to cheer you up. Wasn’t he the first person to hold your hand, when everybody become rude? There must be astounding things your partner has done for you secretly. On this day, you are encouraged to open up your heart and share a bunch of ‘52 things I love about you’. You should have remembered those small little things he has done several times to bring smile on your face. Right?