73 Heart Touching Breast Cancer Quotes

As soon as someone gets diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be hard to handle it at first. It can be a total life changing experience. Not just being physically ill, breast cancer can also make someone go through mentally illness for a long time. Everybody has their own journey from the treatment, to all the procedures, and the trauma. One thing that can give strength, and make people inspired is the willpower to fight off the disease, and seeing a life through a positive perspective.
breast cancer quotes

20 Heart Touching Father in Law Quotes To Share

It is common knowledge that father in laws are figures to be appreciated in a family and they just make every family event better. We know that not every father in law is a delight but most are and their sons and daughter in laws would testify to this statement. There is not a father in law’s day but we feel that they should be appreciated and celebrated a lot because they do make life better in their own quirky and funny ways whether it is with their jokes, playful teasing, story telling and what not.

Father in laws are considered to be a blessing too because they are the ones who can pacify mother in laws which seems to take a lot of talent and skill because it is an almost impossible task but father in laws seem to master it very well throughout their lives. If you do want to give back to your father in law for all the easy times he has given you and for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon you then you can always write him some father in law quotes that suit his personality and the way he is.

30 Fantastic Tomorrow Is My Birthday Quotes To Remind Your Special Day

Out of all special days, birthdays are always exception in own ways. Everybody loves to feel important on the date of arrival. Whether it is a cute birthday wish, a surprise birthday day or even a small birthday present, everything is wrapped with love and wishes. It is of no surprise that as a birthday boy or girl, you want your friends, family and favorites to make you feel special. Am I right? How about reminding them that tomorrow is my birthday and be ready to fill my birthday bucket with lovely wishes, blessings, presents and more pleasant surprises!

Birthdays are those wonderful days when your friends and family would love to treat you more special. They want to be with you, and celebrate the day to bring more party moments in your life. And, you can notify them about your birthday so they plan ahead and get more excited. Some ideas could be sharing pre-post birthday quotes saying tomorrow is my birthday, get excited. Check some awesome tomorrow is my birthday quotes in the list below and make sure to post them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or whatever social network your friends use. Hopefully, this birthday is going to be one of the best one because your whole friend list have almost a day in advance to collect quotes, make collages, buy presents, and even arrange a surprise party. Get all the tomorrow is my birthday quotes below and remind your friends that tomorrow is my birthday!

33 Inspiring, Motivational & Powerful Four Word Quotes

four word quotesDo you feel motivated when someone sends you wishes? Those cute wishes that simply make your day. Those encouraging words that lessen every day worries and make yourself new again. Words are influencing. They have ability to help, heal and motivate. This post will have motivating four word quotes for anyone who’s looking to get inspired or send quotes to others.

Words are music for the ears. So, make sure the words you speak, or say to someone are sweet, kind and encouraging. On the other note, words can also be harmful. They can cause anger, hatred and displeasure. And, we don’t want that to happen. Try to think twice before you utter a word to someone else. So, if your favorite person is feeling upset today, surprise him/her pleasantly with a four word quote. These quotes can be simply sent to someone through a message, email or a phone call. Another idea is to get the print out and make a card out of it. The ideas are endless. Pick your favorite four word quotes from this wonderful collection below and feel rejuvenated.

40 Brilliant Powerful Short Three Word Quotes

short powerful three word quotesWords are incredible. They can be a source of motivation and inspiration. Encouraging words can really change mood swings and make you feel rejuvenated. The truth is, there’s always need of some extra efforts from your end but these words can make you feel new again and give you the motivation to move on. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a pair of thousand words but a short three word quote is enough to revitalize you. Am I right?

No matter how upset or sad you are feeling today, the powerful nature of words are always helpful. Even if your friend feels discouraging, share these words to uplift her moods. In my opinion, words are magical. They can stir a moment of joy and happiness in someone’s eye. That’s why it’s always said, ‘Think twice before you speak’. Once your words are out, they are never taken back. To help you out, I have collected a list of three word quotes that you can share anytime with anyone. …