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pastebin alternativesIn 2002, an idea was executed to introduce a better way of storing and transferring data i.e. text and codes online. This was done by Pastebin which has been successfully been used by numerous professional individuals as a storage for their text. Programmers highly demand such means of storage and transmission because they need to store large codes somewhere and often need to transfer it. The most attractive part has been the availability of sharing codes and text with peers rather than just being able to store it.

However, nothing comes in with disadvantages. There are public posts and private posts for each Pastebin user in which public posts are visible to everyone while private ones are limited to the user only. Considering this feature in mind, Pastebin have been used by hackers to their own advantage. They remain anonymous and host hacking and malicious codes along with some stolen pieces of information. This is reportedly done the most using Pastebin since it is the most popular text and code storing and sharing platform. Due to millions of users, hackers are able to hide their identity and use Pastebin for their own benefit without any threats.

Hence, following are perfect Pastebin alternatives to satisfy your text storing and sharing needs:

List of Best Pastebin Alternatives


With size limit of 2MB per paste, Zerobin remains one of the most secure Pastebin alternatives that exist today. The server itself is unaware of what text or code is the user pasting making it as safer as possible. Whatever the users paste is encrypted and decrypted using 256 bits AES in the browser. This client-side encryption is unavailable in Pastebin hence making Zerobin a nearly perfect alternative to it with some added features. So you can utilize the large size limit to your benefit and safely store and share texts and codes. You can also choose when the data expires and whether you want to burn the data after reading or not. Such options make Zerobin a great Pastebin alternative.

GitHub Gist

If you are a software development freak or study computing and software, you have probably heard of GitHub which is a popular team of people who builds software. GitHub began its operations in 2007 and have been serving consumers successfully since then. The Gist of GitHub is one of the most popular way of sharing brief information and pastes with anyone you want. What makes GitHub stand out from others is the fact that all gists are git repositories which means that they automatically become usable as a git repository as you store them. All of these features make GitHub Gist a great alternative to Pastebin for storing and sharing information and codes.


Third in the list is Cryptbin which is also an excellent alternative to Pastebin. With storing and sharing options for error logs, code snippets and other text privately, Cryptbin offers an additional feature of setting the expiry period of data. What makes this alternative one of the best among all is the fact that the paste can not only consist of text and codes but images as well. Multiple files can be included in one paste. Syntax highlighting is supported for 70 programming languages and support for emoji and markdown as well. The pastes are also encrypted for safety and better user experience. So you should consider Cryptbin when looking for Pastebin alternatives.


Probably the easiest to use alternative of Pastebin, Paste.ee has the most user-friendly interface without any complicated items on screen. The users simply need to paste content or write it in the box and set a title. There is an option of syntax highlighting from which you can choose one from several choices from plain text to C++, Java, Ruby and many more. The next step would be to set an expiry date for the text or code that you pasted and then making it private or public as per your need. Finally users can add tags and submit to get the sharing link. The process involves no complexities like many other Pastebin alternatives.


Another easy to use alternative of Pastebin, Pasted.co is a highly secure means of storing and sharing text. Pasted.co claims to not allow search engines to crawl to their website hence keeping all the data stored private and secure. This makes it a quite reliable alternative if you want to store data and share it safely. The pasting method is again simple to understand. Users begin with a title then text or code to paste and finalizing the process by setting up a password to view the data and enabling code highlighting. The process is smaller as compared to many other alternatives.


If we look at the name, it is a nearly exact alternative of Pastebin. However, the interface of Hastebin is very straightforward i.e. there are no highlighting or password set up options. Users immediately paste the data or information in the box and directly save it. By default, whatever you paste remains there for 30 days you’re your last view after which it expires by itself hence making the interface look very simple. Users have claimed Hastebin as the simplest yet effective alternative of Pastebin because there is no chance of an average user to not understand the interface. It is a great choice if you are looking for a simple Pastebin alternative.


Monitored by New Relic and created by Josh Geobel, Pastie is a great alternative of Pastebin that you can use for text storage and sharing. It can be done by following four simple steps as guided on the website: choose a language from the list, type or paste the information or text, choose whether you want it to be public or private and create the paste. Pastie got a huge number of users and they are increasing gradually as awareness is being spread about the best available alternatives of Pastebin. With an excellent syntax support, Pastie has sensible defaults and user-friendly interface so must consider it when looking for Pastebin alternatives.


Founded in 2006, DPaste is a great alternative of the popular paste code service, Pastebin. Same as many other paste code services, DPaste is divided into several steps from content to be pasted to syntax highlighting, title, email or nick and expiry period. After completing all these steps you can save the paste which will remain safe and secure. This facility of choosing an expiry period will make sure that the database is never full and cause inconvenience. On top of that, the light grey background makes the interface quite attractive which the users love! So DPaste could be an excellent alternative to Pastebin.


As soon as you visit the website, you will find all the reasons to choose Pastelink as an alternative to Pastebin. You simply have to write the text or web addresses or a mixture and then save the paste. The web addresses willautomatically be converted into hyperlinks but you need to separate them by using space or new line. After it gets published, you can share the paste with others. Users can remain anonymous because there is no login required: you can simply create the paste and share rightaway.


Before we begin describing the amazing features, let us take a moment to commend the beauty of the interface that Climbi has! The background and color combination makes Climbi very attractive and what makes it even more attractive is the simple process of creating and sharing pastes. Without any steps to be completed, users just need to paste the information and save it after which they can simply share it with anyone around the world. Climbi is yet another simplest paste code service available today as an alternative to Pastebin. However, the beautifully attractive background makes it comparatively more popular.


A clean and elegant Pastebin alternative, PasteFS requires minimal input from users who can simply paste the text or files with size limit of 100MB and save it. The only extra thing required is the selection of whether the user wants it to be public or private. An impressive feature of PasteFS is that users can upload files directly from computers allowing them to promptly share the information or code snippets with anyone in the world. Users would need to make an account to be able to control their thread from being public.


You would never have seen a simpler paste code service than p.ip.fi. There are literally no options to paste, highlight syntax or add title because the users can just begin typing and use ctrl+s to save whatever they paste. While it may seem an inefficient alternative of Pastebin, users have claimed it to be one of the easiest to use and efficient paste code services available today.After saving it, you can later share it with anyone you want anywhere in the world. So if you are looking for an easy to use alternative of Pastebin, this is the paste code service to try.


Next one in the list of alternatives of Pastebin is Codepad that is another excellent and easy to use paste code service. After pasting the code or text in the box, there are a few steps to be completed by the user including choosing a language from the list, marking whether they want it to be private or not and marking whether they want to run the code or not. As soon as you as click on submit, a URL will be shared that you can send it to anyone you wish to share the text with. Codepad is no less than any other paste code service that becomes a good alternative of Pastebin and so you can choose it without any worries.


The second last alternative worth mentioning in the list is Friendpaste whose main source of reliability is the length of service. Being one of the oldest paste code services today, it becomes a highly reliable one. While everything else is quite similar to other alternatives, one distinguishing feature of Friendpaste is that you can set up a removal or lock code on your paste. This code will allow you to edit or remove the paste that you uploaded making it a highly secure paste code service and hence a great alternative to Pastebin.


With client-side encryption, 0Bin is the last but not the least one in the list of alternatives of Pastebin. This paste code service also consist of an upload option through which you can directly upload files from your PC. The next step will be to set an expiry period after which your pasted text will be removed. 103,380 pasted have been 0Binned as of today and hence it is a popular alternative of Pastebin. The website and server itself is unaware of what the users’ paste: such is the security level provided by 0Bin.

So choose one of these alternatives of Pastebin according to your needs and requirements after carefully analyzing each one.

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