5 FREE Online Fake Word Generator That Sound Real

fake word generator

Are you an inventor or a person with a dire interest in finding new things? Fake word generators are something especially for you. Modern tools are purposely created to save your time. Now, you don’t need to brainstorm ideas for fake words.

Although, there is no proper defintion for the fake words, but these are unique made-up words that do not have a specific meaning but sounds real. A lot of people from different fields require new and unique words for every day. So, if you need to find a name for your upcoming website,a product or a marketing campaign then you may also require some fresh ideas.

Since the human brains have the capacity to process language, people implement new words to boost up creativity. But now the online machines and apps does the same work for the users within few tiny seconds. Fake Word generators are immensely fast and contains a huge amount of data for the users.

List of Fake Word Generator Tools

So, you need some made-up words for the next creative campaign or even a name for your next product? These fake word generator tools are the helpful resources to generate unusual words that may sound real but are funny too. Excited?

Collect the following tools to generate fake words and get started.

1) Word Generator

The purpose of this fake generators is to help you to pick a uncomparable word for any project. Fake words or Pseudowords are words with no real meaning but can be pronounced easlily. Several campaigns, business and project need artificial words and these generators are quick machines to bring a list of words for you.

Many of the words may sound stupid or nonsense, but is more fun to have new words to your list. Advertisers and marketers often work on creative projects where captivating audience is the real purpose. To attract the consumers and a wide audience, it is important to generate unique words.

When you visit the site, you just have to click a button to get number of different fake words every second. Simple.

2) Fedarkrealms

Are you finding a fake name for the character of your online game? Try this online fake word generator. It is speedy and fast in bringing a number of words for you. Many words sound so real that people don’t find it as a fake word. The words are also easy to pronounce and it makes you more creative. Sometimes, the use of made-up words also make us insane. Oh Yes!

With this easy tool, you can also customize the search tool and select a fake word of your choice. Choose the number of words to display and the length of the characters. You also have the liberty to find fake words in 5 languages. First, customize the options and enjoy the unique words.

3) Soybomb 

This is a tool which frequently generate a list of nonsense words based on a frequency list of phonemes. The good thing is that the words produced on the site are easy to pronounce and absolutely explain no meaning at all.

It’s more enjoyable to use certain fake words in a new product launch or a marketing campaign. Sometimes, fake words are also used in advertisements to captivate the attention of masses. In that sense, this tool is an effective source to produce a number of unique words within minor seconds.

One of the main benefit of using these fake word generator tools is that people take interest in discussing the word or the meaning and share it with other people. It gives a boost to the social shares too. In comedy serials, the use of fake words is more common to bring more entertainment and fun. You want to try? Just visit the site and enjoy some.

4) Unique Word Generator 

This is an exclusive unique fake word generator tool to find most appropriate unusual word for your tasks. Are you working on a creative assignment? This tool is of great help.

The tool gives a combination of several random words by mixing. This tool is also made for giving you the inspiration for your project or a campaign. By clicking More generated words option, you can also get a fresh collection of words. The list usually contains 40 words and it’s a good number.

It is one of the fake words generators which is perfect for the creative advertisers, comic writers and marketers. People belonging to these niche often collect unique ideas and words.

5) Fake Word 

Do you get inspired by fresh and made-up words? If yes, then this online word generator for fake words is a guideline to produce a variety of words on a single click. Basically, these words are the new inventions or even a combination of few uncommon words but do not explain any definition. These words can be used to name a fictitious character in a movie, a game, a product, blog’s name, domain name or even a website. Experts also need to have the collection of fresh words for any mobile or web app.

This tool works on a different algorithm where the user will be directed to generate a word within seconds. This tool is divided into three categories i.e very random, catchy random and Power combo.

The ‘very random’ generator works like a random word generator which tends to produce words of 3-10 characters. The tool works on the similar rule of Markov Chain.

The ‘Catchy random’ generator is designed to produce eye-catchy pseudo words that are perfect for an ideal domain name or an exclusive brand. You will get the modern names and ideas for the project.

The final ‘Power Combo’ is the third sub-category of this tool which is ideal for technologies and software terms. Using these tools, you can get unique ideas and words that may not describe a meaning but are funny.


Whether you are in need of a creative name for your brand or a name to sell your product above mentioned fake word generators tools display a list of made-up words in no time. Use these tools to collect ideas and fake words.

People don’t have to play with the language or the common words everytime as it’s more time consuming. With the help of these fake words generators, anyone can generate a good number of unique and interesting words for the upcoming project. The computer generated words are fresh enough to be used in a modern day campaign or a website. If you don’t like the word, just click to get a new word.

10 Best And Cheap Shopping Sites Like AliExpress

sites like aliexpress

Undoubtedly, the huge online marketplace like popular Aliexpress has revolutionized the way people used to do shopping in the earlier days. The massive online businesses are efficiently introduced to provide products at incredibly low prices where customers don’t ask for bargaining and shop happily.

All these websites are established to take items in bulk quantity directly from the warehouses or manufacturers to an online buyer’s home address. Isn’t this too convenient for a person sitting back at the home?

The online shopping websites like AliExpress offer a wide range of possibilities for the savvy buyers but do you know there are shopping sites like Aliexpress?

If you are one such buyer who loves online shopping and prefer receiving products at the doorstep with a fast reliable shipping then this list is a time-saver for you.

List of Sites Like AliExpress 2016

Here is the list of best websites like AliExpress for cheap online shopping in 2018.

Rank Company Established Headquarter
1 Lightinthebox 2007 China
2 DHGate 2004 China
3 Everbuying 2010 Beijing, China
4 DX 2005 China
5 Deals Machine 2006 Beijing, China
6 eBay 1995 California, USA
7 Walmart 1962 Arkansas, USA
8 Mini in the box 2007 Beijing, China
9 Tiny Deal 2010 China
10 Tomtop 2004 China

Light in the box

It is an online internet superstore that contains a variety of products. All the gadget lovers will definitely fall in love with this store as it has got huge options and products of different brands.

From wedding essentials, home decor, sports to cell phone and electronics, the website on random upload 1000 items. To cut the middle man, the products are purchased directly from the factories. The low priced factor makes the online store keep running and flourishing. The flash sale and daily deals also work best for the buyers. Sometimes, the customers get pricey things at cheap prices.

With the global express shipping, the buyer can get the product in the time range between 3 to 5 days. Light in the box is a reliable store that offers 30-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy for all the buyers if they wish to return the products.


DHgate is very similar site like AliExpress. The lovely online store has got everything a charming lady wants. The interesting displays plenty of items that a buyer wishes to buy. It is one such largest online wholesale marketplace that grows in the e-commerce market within no delayed time.

The website gives access to buyers to shop from high-quality factories at an attractive low prices. The dhgate also claims to eliminate all the risk factors a customer may think about.

The efficient online story gives a platform for customers to buy and sell their products by providing internet financing, logistics solutions, and secure payment services. The website also does transactions at every three seconds. It has also showcased more than 33 million products on the website.

The company serves to become an online gateway for global trade. It has customers from almost 230 countries.

Everything Buying

Commonly known as the China Wholesale Department, Everything Buying is popular for the diverse variety of electronic items. Being the best seller in the multiple electronic items the website provides high-quality product at least prices.

Just like AliExpress, It is a leading China Wholesale shopping portal that specializes in the gadgets, cell phones, computers and fashion related items. The online store also covers home-beauty category along with clothing and sports.

To bring an ease to customers, the website offers free international airmail shipping besides numerous express shipping offers. The company also claims to have more than 250000 products at the website.


With over 1 million customers and more than 400 suppliers, dx.com is one of the popular China’s original direct business project. The online website claims to have more than 4000 categories with 300000 products available online.

Dx also offers the extreme unique selection for the buyers with the best warranty services. Another attractive feature to stay connected with dx is that it offers free worldwide shipping to all the online buyers. Have a look and enjoy shopping.

Deals Machine

This online store deals in all sorts of electronic machine products. The items available in wholesale categories are not just low-priced but also of high quality. The leading global online store specializes in attractive tech, innovative gadgets, latest cell phones, and Apple accessories.

The online store makes sure every product goes through checking process by technical staff in order to meet the quality standards of the company. The customers get the best products at low prices. Dailymachine.com provides 30-day money back guarantee to the customers. It also offers 90 days free product repairs to the online buyers in order to offer maximum value and remarkable shopping experience. This is one of the great sites like Aliexpress to find deals online.


eBay isn’t a China based shopping site but it is similar to AliExpress. eBay is the one of the favorite’s destination to discover new and unique items. The company aims at bringing economic opportunity for all. With a display of millions of products online, the company caters everything for it’s amazing online customers.

The largest online portal displays quality products in the demanding categories like electronics, fashion, home and garden, sports and motors. With a clean description, every product at eBay is worth looking for. Daily deals bring awesome discounts for all the interested buyers.

The website has collaborated with several other campaigns to expand the e-commerce market rapidly. With a wide experience of more than 20 years, the online marketspace has winning potential customers over the time.


Walmart is just like a friendly online store, located at the center of the street. It displays a huge selection of quality merchandise at everyday low prices. The company works on providing the best internet experience to it’s reliable online buyers.

The retailer store aims at providing everything their customer want. With more than 1000000 products displayed online, the largest store provides easy access.

The multiple category is a great hint about the success of the online store. From gift cards to basic accessories and electronic items the store has got everything.

Mini in the box

After the growth of lightinthebox.com, the new online market space miniinthebox.com also works on the same goals to reach out a number of customers every day.

From all the small gadgets to every day essentials the online e-commerce website provides quality products from factory outlets in attractive low prices. With big data technology, the company features latest electronic item. It displays more than 1000 items on daily basis. It only follows a secure and safe payment system to provide effective online customer experience. One of the popular sites like AliExpress

Tiny deal

It is a global online China retail and wholesale online shop to offer an expanded range of products. The categories included are fashion clothing, latest gadgets, Apple and Samsung accessories, car accessories and much more.

Tiny deal is a famous online China electronics provider that displays more than 80,000 products on the website. With the free shipping offer, buyers can shop a lot of things online.


It is a successful online market store that has got a number of products from multiple categories. The website displays images for musical instruments, LED lights, tablet, cell phones, computer, laptop, cameras, games, toys, apparel, jewelry items etc

A number of more than 13,000 products are enlisted under free shipping. If a buyer selects any of those items, he/she may not charge for shipping expense. There are also few timely deals on heavy costly items that interested buyers can avail. The customers can join for free and place their first order.

The tomtop blog is also of great help to all the new users who may be interested in knowing the feature of some awesome electronic item. It is a nice blog to have a look and get amazed by the newly introduced products.

Enjoy the best shopping experience online by visiting all of the above online shopping websites similar to aliexpress. Not just one, there are numerous online wholesalers to provide genuine and quality products in an affordable price range.

Make sure to read reviews of these sites like AliExpress before you make the purchase just so you won’t get disappointed.

15 FREE Pastebin Alternatives You Can Use Right Away

pastebin alternativesIn 2002, an idea was executed to introduce a better way of storing and transferring data i.e. text and codes online. This was done by Pastebin which has been successfully been used by numerous professional individuals as a storage for their text. Programmers highly demand such means of storage and transmission because they need to store large codes somewhere and often need to transfer it. The most attractive part has been the availability of sharing codes and text with peers rather than just being able to store it.

However, nothing comes in with disadvantages. There are public posts and private posts for each Pastebin user in which public posts are visible to everyone while private ones are limited to the user only. Considering this feature in mind, Pastebin have been used by hackers to their own advantage. They remain anonymous and host hacking and malicious codes along with some stolen pieces of information. This is reportedly done the most using Pastebin since it is the most popular text and code storing and sharing platform. Due to millions of users, hackers are able to hide their identity and use Pastebin for their own benefit without any threats.

Hence, following are perfect Pastebin alternatives to satisfy your text storing and sharing needs:

Dell Vs HP – Price, Performance & Support Comparison

There is no doubt in the fact that, technology has brought great reliabilities among humanity. There are different types of technologies. One of the best known technology is computer, laptop etc. these are one of most renowned innovations of present era. There are variety of companies that provide us these innovations, like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony etc.

Every company provides its own technology and specification in each laptop, computer. Therefore, buying a laptop is not easy if you are in a market full of laptop, computers of every brand. We all know that, the best known companies selling the best laptop, computers are Dell and HP, so today we are going to compare Dell Vs HP.

It is true that both the companies have been the best known companies if we look at technology. These companies have always provided its customers with the best working laptop, computers and other products. We agree with the statement that both the companies make excellent laptops, computers, that can easily long last and are also suitable for work.
dell vs hp

30 Cool Most Likely To Tag Questions

most likely to tag

Have you ever thought that world would be so boring if other people did not exist? It would be boring as well if we don’t know people and their personalities. The idea launched some time back known as the YouTube tag has been widely spread around the world and it is being appreciated by many people. YouTube tags is basically a series of funny, entertaining, informative or a series of any sort of questions that people ask other people. Just turn on the camera and record a video for uploading it later on YouTube and get many viewers attracted to you. It could be a conversational video between two people or may be many people. YouTube being the largest followed social network has gained popularity because of great and funny videos, youtuber tag questions is one of such videos.