5 Best JDownloader Alternatives You Should Try Out

jdownloader alternativesWhile working on the computer system or other electronic devices, there is a strong need of a download manager. With the help of a download manager, it gets easy to download the document files or the video files on the system. Once you set the downloader manager, the manager itself looks after the download and makes sure that you receive the file within on time. JDownloader has been the best internet download manager since a long time. It operates well and increases the download of the file up to 10%.

JDownloader offers several important features but owing to the network, it might not work properly at times. Thus, to reciprocate the use of the Jdownloader, we need to know about other alternatives which provide a quality service and speed up the download.

Best JDownloader Alternatives

If you search for the alternatives of this download manager, you’ll get a list of both good, average and (trust me) bad ones as well. Then, how will you decide which one is the best? To help you surpass that stage, we have listed the 5 best JDownloader alternatives.
They are as follows:

1. OrbitDownloader

OrbitDownloader being mentioned at number one is one of the best JDownloader alternatives. It has been used by the users since a long time and all of them have great reviews about it. It is used to speed up the download of music/videos files and documents from the internet. You can easily download files from sites like MySpace, YouTube, Imeem, RapidShare and many others using OrbitDownloader.

Coming onto the interface of the software, it is a bit out-fashioned but the other features that it provides expertly cover this drawback. Using this downloader, you can download your file whenever you want and can pause or start it accordingly. It supports different protocols and all major browsers. It is operational on Windows NT, 2000, 2003, P, Vista and Windows 7.

2. DownloadThemAll

This is another great alternative jDownloader that is specific for its use on the Windows system. It supports the Windows 7, XP and few others as well. About downloadthemall we can say that it has a different approach towards the way it downloads images and video clips from the internet. It forms a list of the things downloaded and presents it in the same manner to the user.

The features that you can enjoy with this downloader are quite the ones you could enjoy with the Jdownloader.The interface of this manager is better than the one mentioned above.

3. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager also popular as the IDM is the best of the best alternative for the Jdownloader. In fact, it should have been placed at number one to enhance its importance but since we haven’t followed the priority format, let’s just discuss it here.

Internet Download Manager offers its service to download the videos, audio files, and important documents. Although it is a bit slow on downloading the video clip but the greatest plus point of this downloader is that even your system shuts down accidently, you can resume your download from where it was interrupted. This download increases the download speed up to five times. Wouldn’t you want to install this downloader immediately? After all, everyone needs a fast downloader. Infact, IDM is a popular and one of the best JDownloader alternatives.

This manager is also specific for its use on the Windows system only.

4. Free Download Manager

Among the five JDownloader alternatives that we have listed here, the free download manager is one of those which offer its service on Windows and Mac OS X. It claims to increase the download speed upto ten times and the way it has been built, all with the perfect and latest style interface, it isn’t hard to believe what it claims.

With free download manager, you can download large document files, videos and music file easily. It works on the principle of breaking down into small segments and then downloading the file. The additional features that it offers is the management of the traffic, the organization of the files, and the control over the files to set its download priority on torrent. It can be easily used with the internet browsers like Safari, internet explorer, Mozzarella Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

5. Free Rapid Downloader

The download manager with the most diverse range of systems on which it can operate is the Free Rapid downloader. It works well on the Window systems, Mac and Linux. Freerapid downloader offers an advanced software interface to work with and has multiple language support option. It gives automatic plug-in updates, monitors the clipboard well, has auto-shutdown options and is the best for downloading the videos and music files.

It is a Java downloader that can download files from Picasa, Facebook, YouTube, RapidShare and other sites. Being the latest download manager, the designers have built it for its safe use on different systems. This is one of its plus points because of which it is used by a large number of users.


Jdownloader is, without a doubt, the best downloader but when it’s not working properly, there must be a download manager that beats it and is good JDownloader alternative. If we talk about the specific Windows download manager, the best of the three alternative to JDownloader that we have mentioned above is the Internet Download Manager (IDM) but overall, free rapid downloader is emerging as the finest and top-rated download manager in the market. By supporting Windows, Mac,and Linux system it is used by themajority of the users.

2 thoughts on “5 Best JDownloader Alternatives You Should Try Out”

  1. This article seems to be quite outdated, since Rapidshare is mentioned, which ended its service several years ago.
    1st, Orbit Downloader ist mentioned all over the internet as a DDOS node tool, which attacks sites as a background activity. This functionality is quite assured, and therefore several big sites do not provide a download link.
    2nd, Internet Download Manager or IDM is a paid software (~30$), that fact should be mentioned. What advances does it have for its price against JD ?
    And 3rd, Free Rapid Downloader is at v0.9u4 since 05/2014, that may not be of consequence, but what is with the One-Click-Hosters ? Are they fully supported ? There are lots and lots of them dying and born anew, or constantly modified to prevent automatic processing for their free downloads, which are ad-driven . (It seems that FRD is now in early beta since 10/2017, so the program does live).
    One major advantage of JD is its constant upgrade and maintenance (now much better than in the past), which is also sometimes annoying, but necessary, I assume. I don’t know if the other competitors here are really up to this.

  2. If you’re a heavy downloader, I recommend this batch downloader alternative called WFDownloader App which is capable of bulk downloading tv series, videos and music and other media contents.

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