4 Amazing FREE Cydia Alternatives – No Jailbreak Required!

cydia alternativeApps like cydia have provided great reliabilities to the people in providing a free access to the applications and customizations for iPhone user. But most of the people who aren’t much into using the applications do not know about cydia and its features. Let us explain a little about

Let us explain a little about cydia. What is cydia? Cydia is basically an alternative app store for the iPhone, that is available only for the jailbroken iPhone devices. You can also call it as an alternative free market for downloading applications to your iPhone without spending a single penny. After you jailbreak your iPhone, you are granted a third party access to the paid applications through this Cydia application. You can only get this amazing app store alternative only if you jailbreak your iPhone. Cydia gives you a free access to your applications where you can easily download and install the paid applications you want to and also can easily customize your mobile phone with amazing widgets, applications and other themes and icons. But, all this can only happen with the jailbreak iPhone devices.

As we know that most of the people who are into the applications have accessed the cydia app by jailbreaking their devices. But the truth is jailbreaking is not safe for the mobile phones. When you jailbreak, you are unlocking your phone for the third party access. Your data is no more secured after that. So to overcome this huge problem cam the alternatives of cydia. These cydia alternatives give you the access of free app store without jailbreaking your device. This means, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone, just download these amazing applications and have fun with the applications you desire.

Best Cydia alternatives

Here are some great Cydia alternatives which require no jailbreak for iphone.


iNoCydia is one of the best cydia alternative and is also one of the best solution to get access to the paid apps in the iPhone. It is suitable and available for the non jailbroken devices. The best part of this application is you do not need a computer to download and install this app on your iPhone. You can simply do it from your phone. iNoCydia gives you a great access to customize your iPhone however you want to with zero restrictions. With this application, you can easily download and access the iPhone appstore without paying a single penny on the paid applications. You can easily customize and download the applications on your iPhone. You get free themes, a user account with your own email id and much more facilities in iNoCydia application. Moreover, the iNoCydia has a lot of satisfied users from all around the world.

Mojo Installer

The second cydia alternative comes the mojo installer. Mojo installer is one of the best cydia alternatives for the non-jailbreak iPhone devices in the world. It gives you a free access to the paid apps and also grants you many other opportunities in the iPhone. Making a great start, mojo haven’t reached to its maximum potential till now. To overcome this problem, the developers have made great changes in the applications, like design, a faster speed then before and updated applications that could cause no problems while usage. The applications in the mojo installer do not require jailbreak of your iPhone and iPad. All you have to do is just open the mojo installer and you will be introduced with amazing and updated applications. This makes it Mojo Installer cydia alternative for non jailbroken devices. No jailbreak, no problem! You still can have an easy access to the most amazing apps you desire.


iMods is another best alternatives for the no jailbreak ios devices. It is one of the best appstore market and a best alternative, providing the users with amazing up-to-date applications and brilliant features with amazing speed. The iMods appstore is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, i.e available for all the ios devices. All you need to do is download the iMods from the internet and have fun. There are many other features in iMods other then the applications for the users. There are also available the applications for customizations like changing themes and icons of your mobile phone.


Zestia is another great alternative for cydia application and best for the ios no jailbreak devices. Like other alternatives, it also provides best features with free paid applications to the users. We know that Apple has been blocking jailbreak since the start, but the hackers have made it easy for us to use our iOS devices the way we want by making these great alternatives. All you need to do is go to your safari browser in the ios device and download this amazing app and have fun.

There is no need to jailbreak your device to install these amazing cydia alternatives.

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