90 Cool, Fun & Easy Things To Draw When Bored

When you sit down to draw, your head is not always filled with ideas of easy cool & fun things to draw because creativity is not continuous and cannot be forced. Even great artists have difficulty in trying to decide which things to draw so it is safe to say that it is quite a common problem and you should not worry that you are not a great artist.

Are you having an art block and cannot simply decide what to draw when bored? When such a blockage happens, we think it is wise to start from small easy things to draw which are cool & fun and would help you to relax your mind and get the creative juices flowing and then you can progress onto more complex objects which would require your concentration and time.

Easy things to draw:

Since our focus is to relax the mind, let us look at a list of easy things draw that you can pencil down without causing a headache and without wasting a lot of energy. …

How To View Private Instagram Profiles – 3 Possible Ways

how to view private instagram profiles

So, you have a crush on someone? Maybe, your first girlfriend or a new face that you just can’t forget. Even, it could be your love at first sight or an infatuation for a friend. Living in an era of social media, everyone loves to capture pretty pictures at wonderful locations in order to engage with friends and followers. You must have those social accounts too, including the popular Instagram?

Instagram has become the most famous social network where millions of people are active through attractive photography. But, you feel sad when you can’t view your girlfriend photos, right? She might have kept privacy on her account so that other people cannot look at. In that manner, no one can view certain pictures of a person unless he/she allows doing so. If you can’t view someone else photos that mean the person doesn’t share any pictures with you and holds a private account. No doubt, it is of great stress when you failed to see photos of your crush.

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