8 Best Apps Like Wish You Probably Didn’t Know About

apps like wishGone are those times when we had to plan all the way to a shopping mall to buy the favorite products at discounted prices. With the invent of apps, websites and online forums shopping has become much easier than we ever imagined.

‘Wish’ is known as an online bazaar or the shopping destination where a number of unbranded products are displayed. Most of the stuff is directly from the wholesale markets of China. With over more than 100 million downloads, Wish app is successfully popular among women, men, young and adults. Mommy’s get attracted toward the variety of children products and fashion accessories. You just name it, and the app displays it.

To provide extraordinary services to online buyers, mobile apps have replaced the shopping sites. The buyers don’t need to visit the site every time but a friendly mobile app is easy to go with.

Best Apps Like Wish For Shopping

Well, here are few other mobile apps like Wish and provide some great offers to the online clients.


AliExpress is a huge online shopping project that caters to a wide range of buyers and their mobile app is one of the best apps like wish. It is a part of AliBaba Group. The website claims to offer reasonable prices on 100 million product range. The shopping website has gained immense popularity for it’s worldwide shipping to over 200 countries and region. From clothes accessories, automobiles to unlimited tech items, the site uploads thousands of products weekly. By downloading app, buyers can enjoy a friendly unforgettable experience.

Other than English, the company offers services in 5 other languages. It also gives 24/7 customer assistance to the online buyers in order to provide a friendly shopping experience. The online marketplace offers super deals and happy discounts that become an attraction for the reliable online customers.


To provide a memorable online shopping experience, Overstock app is just a perfect destination and similar to wish. The buyers will gain a fun experience by enjoying a discount up to 70 % on certain products. This app lets you enjoy daily deals, big sales, and weekly promotions. With coupons, the buyers can purchase some quality items at affordable rates. With a team of talented professional employees, the company claims to offer quality services. From home furniture to diversified accessories, the site has something for every buyer.

You can choose to use the overstock app on your mobile to place an order just like Wish app. With daily deals and discounts, buyers find exclusive products at a competitive price.


Zulily is the best choice for a mobile app and is app like wish because it thrives on the new products every day. Shoppers and subscribers receive new sales and items every day when they visit the online shopping site. Zulily, just like other shopping sites and apps, gives the most attractive products. The online site incorporates with social media sites and encourages buyers to share the online experience.

Online shopping with Zulily app is easier than you had ever imagined. It ensures buyers to select the product with a diversified range of categories. It’s free to sign up for the site and get pleased with the shopping experience of Zulily.


It is another app just like Wish and it claims to save you more than 50% to 70% discounts on several items. This mobile app is just perfect for all the geeks who are interested in watches, phone essentials, latest headphones, car accessories and several electronic items. However, Wish app is scattered over other products including clothing and fashion etc.

The Geek app is a perfect shopping destination where you can place an order and get it delivered to the front store. Download the app to get the cool products in no time.


From everything related to living to entertain, Banggood has become a favorite shopping choice. With Banggood app, the buyers can avail happy discounts too. The app is the best alternative to Wish app. With New arrivals, Fresh deals and Preorder selling the buyers can select quality products at the best choice.

The buyer receives items of the flash sale on the mobile app. So, it’s pretty easy to shop online with an ease of the app. The products are divided into a number of categories including clothing, electronic,accessories etc.


DealeXtreme is an ideal app to buy cool gadgets, latest tech tools and other accessories. The online store keeps a variety of items in multiple categories. From modern office equipment to mobile gadgets, everything can be found easily. Dealextreme is a favorite online destination for all geeks and technology lovers who are interested in purchasing small micro cards, and other gadgets online.

The store is also popular for it’s worldwide free shipping with over 3,00,000 products. If you’re looking for best gadget collections online then dealextreme should be the first choice. Their extreme deals and inexpensive product range attract buyers from all over the world and give their users the best shopping experience online. If you browse through $0.99 section, you will be amazed by the availability of items.


Are you looking for a fantastic shopping journey online? Lightinthebox is another competitive online app with a wide range of lifestyle products in 11 categories. The website offers core categories of apparels, gadgets, accessories and home decor. Each category displays unlimited high quality items at super affordable price. Another reason you will like light in the box app is their flash sale feature which is a good choice for buyers.

Lightinthebox is also globally famous for it’s home and garden items. Their affordable price and extensive product range has made it a go-to shop for many online buyers. The company delivers products to more than 200 countries and the website is available in more than 26 languages which attract buyers from all over the world.


Yoshop is an app only shopping platform that delivers world wide. The app is available for android and IOS users. Comparatively, it is a small online store and the product range is limited to women. In fact, new members also get a coupon package to avail when they shop for the first time. The store has products in women categories including dresses, top bottoms, shoes, sports, bags and swimwear.

The drawback is their website is not functional, whereas buyers can only use yoshop app to make their purchases. Another reason why people love shopping at yoshop is because of their cheap prices. Some of the products are even less than $10, which is half of the regular retail price.

These are few mobile apps like Wish for online shopping that could be utilized to gain an amazing shopping experience. If there’s any other app similar to wish that inspires you then let us know in the comments so that we can add it next time we come around this topic.

42 thoughts on “8 Best Apps Like Wish You Probably Didn’t Know About”

  1. I am tired of dealing with Wish ! There is no way to call their Custmer support. When you e-mail their Customer support they claim that they will reply to you within 3 business days. It is now Saturday evening, and I am looking at Wednesday before I will here back from their Custmer support if I get lucky. The last time that I e-mailed their Customer support it took 6 calendar days to receive a reply from them !
    Thanks to your posting on the internet I now know about similar web sites like Wish so that I can take my business elsewhere. Thank you for your assistance !!

      1. But now they come up with responses after you have purchased such as in my case your money has been refunded because your account is not in order when there is nothing wrong with the account. They then return your monies but not the full amount ; this week i have lost £11 this way. They are not to be trusted

      2. Hey James, can you be more specific? Like what is better about Wish than the other apps specifically listed in this article?? I’ve been fairly happy with Wish in the past, but I do want to try out some different apps/websites. The 2 main things that bug me about Wish are,:

        1) The shipping takes FOREVER unless you pay more for shipping than you pay for the damn product!! and,.

        2) The products I end up buying on Wish are never the right size, weight, colors, etc. Also, the product options just never seem to quite fit what’s being advertised on the product. For example, seems like every pair of ‘Wireless Air Buds’ are too big to actually fit in anybody’s EARS!! LOL

        What is it about the other apps/websites that suck more than Wish? Are there any apps/websites that are better than Wish in these 2 problem areas I mentioned above??

        Thanks in advance brother! Or anybody else who has experience with other apps that can answer these questions as well!!??


      3. No. You must be employee of Wish because they are a very bad site. I tried and so did husband to talk to customer support and we got some ban for refund abuse?? We never ask or needed one!!

    1. I’m currently having the same problem with Wish. Customer service is horrible!! And their e-mail replies are all generic-I’m getting nowhere fast!!

      And good luck with trying to locate your order history when logged in on the PC version. I try to view my order history and it shows 4 random orders. I can’t even pull up the order history of the item I’m having an issue with!

    2. I have had to reach out to wish a few times for stuff not showing up. I received a reply instantly and a full refund in 48hrs. ps the items are still not here, but who knows? They say with the refund for stuff not showing up, that if it does, you keep it for free. They have been pretty quick with all my issues. Sorry you had a hard time.

      1. I to have had only positive dealings with customers service representatives. They have always answered me back immediately and they have always handled my situations promptly and to my satisfaction. I am very sorry that other people are having problems with the WISH site.

        1. I bought a lot of stuff from Wish and, for some reason was having problems with my account and they wanted me to send them a copy of my bank statement. That was never going to happen. I just canceled my subscription with them and don’t care if I get the money back from the few things I never received or not. I will never use Wish again and definitely would not recommend them to anyone.

          1. I’ve used my bankcard to charge purchase. In 2 days I was on my bank statement and saw a record of International Charges taken from my account with any notice from them at all. Plus it takes a month and a half to get your order unless they claim it’s not in stock and offer a refund. Then you wait for the refund!!!
            Isn’t there any online stores that are in the United States not China?

            Kathy Nodwell
            Olathe, KS

        2. I have also o my had positive dealings with wish. I’ve always got a full refund for items not delivered.

      2. I ordered a smart watch from them in Feb of last year had issues with the customer support eventually got a refund in full and received the watch almost 2 months later shocked the hell outta me lmao I saw a video the other day of their factory it is a huge mess looks like a dump full of packages mounds of packages people stepping on them and all it is horrible I am looking for a new app any ideas

    3. I too order from Wish and as my husband said you get what you pay for,its not the cost it was the time it took and like you say there is no way to reach them. I call paypal because it was a charge to my account and they asked that you and the dealer try to work it out before they look into the matter,I did not get the matter taken care of. By this I just gave up, I went round and trying to get chargers off my account ,it was a night mare and you can never speak to a person. So I will never order from them again and one of the items was a wig which look noting not even close to what I order. Wish you the best

    4. Download the wish app – go to your order history – choose to contact support… Ask whatever question you need to ask you can even attach screenshots.
      Someone will get back to you – they always do.

      Disclaimer: I am not employed by Wish in anyway I am just a frequent customer.

    5. I agree they never sent some items i needed for xmas finally getting a refund and now they shut my account down stating they want a copy of my bank statements. I told them to show me theirs

    6. They are impossible to deal with and basically ripped me off!!!
      I’m extremely disappointed with wish. They took my order took my money and only delivered a couple of the packages I ordered and told me after two months that they cannot refund me because of their time limit…! It shows in my order status that they are not delivered… and that’s not my fault… I held up my part of the transaction they took my money.., all I want is what I paid for

    7. Wish f$%#@g sucks. They banned me from making purchases because I got refunds on items that were never delivered then wanted to see a bank statement from a recent purchase so that I could buy from them again. How the hell can I show them that when they wont sell anything to me. Screw wish and geek, they suck.

  2. I purchased goods from Wish. It was a gift for both my sister’s birthday on 17 & 21 September & was to be delivered on 31 August & was sent an email wanting to know if I received goods. I replied & said I did not receive goods. They said it was despatched & I will receive this on 7 September. Up until now no delivery. Said I must wait for a month I will receive this.

    1. I myself have had problems with the wish. 1 it takes forever to get my orders. #2 I purchased wigs that look nothing like the pictures.Im had it with them.

  3. JOOM! If you ever liked Wish, you will LOVE this app called JOOM. It’s basically the good parts of Wish, but with added bonuses. Like… Cheaper prices & FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING.
    Go check it out & see for yourself…

  4. Nicky derisi I have been blocked now from wish they have stiffed me for eight different products that they said were delivered three of the products that were delivered were similar to what I ordered but they were not what I ordered I got some refunds from them then they started asking me for bank statements that show the order which I did and they just kept saying well give us at least this much time to get back to you and now I am blocked and it was still orders coming and they’re still our orders supposed to coming to be coming in they come in so damaged I’ve been ripped off for at least $180 four different products that were supposed to come in I have supplied them with every bit of information including bank statements with matching numbers and now they just blocked my account and there’s nothing I can do about it what a joke

  5. What a bummer these people are having trouble with wish. I have placed purchases for over 100 items and only had two broken items in the process. I sent a photo and was refunded right back to my bank. Not a problem with any of my purchases missing or getting refunds. With as many items that I have purchased I give that an excellent review on my own Christmas presents for others, art supplies, and make up for my daughters and me.

  6. Ordered several products from Wish. Some odd the things I ordered were just fine. My wife ordered a good bit of jewelry also. Some of the things she ordered were advertised as .925 sterling silver but when they arrived, they turned out to be a cheaper product and were definitely not sterling. There were no sterling stamps, plus they were not finished on the inside. I don’t know whether they are made of pot metal or plastic, but they are definitely NOT sterling. Also on some of the items, the shipping was jacked up way higher than was stated at the time of the order. Will not be buying anything else from Wish. Shopper Beware.

    1. I agree they never sent some items i needed for xmas finally getting a refund and now they shut my account down stating they want a copy of my bank statements. I told them to show me theirs

  7. I have been using WISH and ioffer for the past few months and… I have ordered about 100 things on wish and got all of them except one and they refunded my money. I am obsessed with the jewelry and it is about 50/50 in the like dislike department. The only big issue is the fact that the price on the ad changes when you put it in your cart and automatically defaults to express shipping which is soooooo expensive. Thankfully I caught it. I love wish and have had really no problems. As far as ioffer, I am waiting on my first order. Fingers crossed.

  8. U just have to be a smart shopper!!!! Never have I had a bad experience with the wish app or their costumer service. I wish I had the time to write everything I have to say out but I’ll just say this, always look at the reviews and the company’s reviews before buying. Also I’m on here looking for alternatives for the heck of it i still love wish!

  9. Sheila Triplett

    JOOM is alot better than wish ! I have only ordered 4 things ever from wish & 3 out of the 4 arrived broken!!! I had a very very hard time with one item that was broken ! Emailed for 2 weeks before finally giving up! Won’t order from wish ! JOOM is great!!!!!!!

  10. I have only ordered 4 things ever from wish & 3 out of the 4 arrived broken!!! I had a very very hard time with one item that was broken ! Emailed for 2 weeks before finally giving up! Won’t order from wish ! JOOM is great!!!!!!!

  11. Norma Thistlethwaite

    After I placed 3 online orders with Wish.com(Australia) I got no reply as to tracking or what was happening with my orders. I did get a call from some person who spoke in Chinese, as I didn’t understand I word he spoke I thought It was pretty strange. 4 weeks later I received part of my second order. My first order has vanished into thin air. Apparently there is more than 1 Wish online company accessing the orders we place online.

  12. I have ordered dozens of items from WISH. Before you pay, check out your shipping choices! Some are pre-marked “EXPRESS SHIPPING”, so be alert! Change it to “standard” shipping! Also, some jewelry has arrived broken, rings have changed color, ETC. Some prices change at checkout! Some items aren’t even worth the $1 + shipping, or “FREE JUST PAY SHIPPING” , AND the shipping costs can be outrageous! Sadly some items arrive much smallert than the pics show, and very cheap looking! I will say, the 4 pairs of boots I ordered, are gorgeous, worth the money, and fit great! I will probably order more nxt fall! So, my recommendations are to read about your items, read the reviews, watch videos ppl have shared, and check shipping pricing of your items, rewards, quanity, etc, before you submit your payment! My SINCERE GOOD WISH SHOPPING TO ALL! PS, ALWAYS SEE IF U HAVE REWARDS GIFTED, EARNED TO APPLY TOWARDS YOUR ORDER.
    (BETH ANN)

  13. I’ve shopped with Wish and Joom from South Africa. I find Joom easier, cheaper and more reliable. I received everything I ordered from Joom on time. With Wish I ordered 6 items. Received 2 correctly, 1 delivered to incorrect area and 3 items refunded to me as it passed the expected delivery date.
    Currently looking for something with better rates as the South African post office is now charging a fee at the time of collection…sometimes costing upto R30 more per item…

  14. Joom is a ripoff! Steer clear of them. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them and when I received things, the sizing was off or they lied about the product being sterling silver. I ordered XL yoga pants and they won’t even fit my daughter, who wears a M in all her yoga pants. The company just keeps giving me the run around and says I can pay to ship them back to China. How is that fair? Anyway, I won’t be ordering anything else from them. Tophatter is way better, even if you do have to pay shipping.

  15. Well I’ve ordered ten items so far from Wish and only one got lost into ‘thin air’. I contacted Customer Service though, and as long as you contact them just before or on the day the item is supposed to have arrived and it hasn’t you get refunded, or in my case I WAS refunded.
    A word of advice is that when they give you a tracking number be sure to pre-alert it to the Post Box you are requesting your package to be sent to. Apparently along the way alot of times the tracking number changes when coming form China.

  16. The Wish App placed a random order at 3 AM for some sort of ear wax pick. I didn’t realize it until after the 8 hour cancellation window closed. I actually have my credit card set up to send a text message whenever my card is charged. On that day, I didn’t check my phone until after 11 AM. They claim they will “make this right”, whatever the hell that means. I don’t have my hopes up. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid but I will have my credit card company reverse this charge of they don’t refund my money. If they try to give me a credit, I will have Chase reverse the charge. I should have deleted my card from the payment options but I didn’t know it was possible.

  17. Anyone new to online shopping as I am and thinking about using Wish, I suggest that you should be really careful. This week I have just purchased £182 worth of goods and having paid I got a message saying the monies had been refunded because my account was not in order. If it wasn’t in order why did they take my money? However, when I looked at my bank account whilst the money had been taken immediately, i.e. at the time of the purchase, the returned monies that they said were already in my bank account were not. I contacted my bank to ask what is the problem and they said there is no problem at their end and that no monies had been received nore were being held by them for any reason. Having asked Wish I still have not heard why my account was not in order and, here comes the rub, why 2 days later when the monies did come back into my account was I missing £11. I have asked for this money to be made good but as yet nothing!!! Wish are clearly not to be trusted. They appear to be a typical American company happy to take your money and then you can go hang.

  18. I have been dealing with wish for a few years now I had one order that didnt show up the refund my money with in 48 hours and when it showed up 2 weeks later was told to keep it. I had one thing I wasn’t happy. With they returned my money on it and told me to keep the item and sent an apology letter and a free gift.


    WARNING Wish also has four sister sites dedicated to specific product categories: Cute, Geek, Home, and Mama. WARNING

    THESE ARE NOT WISH AFFILIATED Some sites and apps offering products and prices similar to Wish include AliExpress, Hollar, Joom, Wanelo, and Zulily.

  20. Ive ordered from Wish, customer service is a joke! Ive ordered things & they havent even sent it out, within a month or somehow my product is sent back. Two of my purchases I never even got. Wish is a joke!

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