80 Positive Words That Start with O

Positive Words That Start with O

“We will move forward, we will move upward, and yes, we will move onward

If we were to choose one letter which provided us with the most beautiful positive and optimistic words ever, in our entire time compiling these beautiful articles for you, it would be the letter ‘O’. Do you want to find out why? Then read on these positive words that start with O.

Even while we were curating this article for our dear readers, the optimistic words brought a smile on our face and sent ripples of positivity our way. We felt refreshed and were eager to make you feel the same way! This world list is sure to make your mornings bright and cheery, and leave you with renewed hope.

That is why, with overflowing excitement, we bring you the list of 80 positive words that start with O.

List of Positive Words That Start with O

Oasis A safe haven amidst chaos
Obedient Having the quality of being well-behaved; listening and following instructions or rules
Objective A goal or an aim towards which one works
Obliging Showing readiness to do favors; being helpful
Observe Taking notice
Obtain Acquire
Obtainable Being within someone’s reach
Occurrent Consistently observing or occurring
Odds-on Having high chances of success
Odorous Having a pungent smell
Odyssey A long journey or an experience
Oecumenial Universal or general
Oeuvre The output or the product of an artist’s entire life’s work
Offer An attempt; something offered
Offering Something produced for entertainment or sale
Official Something formal; someone who hold office
Offspring A child
Olympiad An international contest
Omnicompetent Being competent enough to handle all situations or encounters
Omnipotent Having or possessing limitless power
Omnipresent Having the ability to be present everywhere simultaneously
Omniscient Having or possessing limitless knowledge
On target Being accurate
Oncoming Approaching or advancing
One up Having an advantage or leverage over someone else
Ongoing In progress
Onset The start of something; beginning
Onward Moving or progressing to a more advanced stage
Oomph The passion and energy possessed by a person which shows
Ooze The act of seeping out slowly or softly
Opalescent Iridescent; prismatic; many-hued
Open Allowing access or a passage
Open-handed Giving without restraint; freely
Open-hearted Being kind and merciful
Open-minded Unbiased; considering differing perspectives without prejudice
Operational Ready to be used
Operative Having the quality of being efficient
Opulent Affluent and wealthy
Opportune Suited for a particular purpose
Opportunity A chance or a time to do something
Optimal A perfect time
Optimism Having or possessing a positive outlook
Optimistic Having a positive perspective of looking at things or situations
Optimum Best possible or most favourable
Option Having a choice
Opulent Luxurious or affluent
Oration A formal speech or an address
Orchestrated Planned or coordinated to produce a desired outcome
Ordain Make someone a minister
Orderly Arranged or methodically ordered
Organic Natural
Organically Naturally occurring
Organizational Relating or pertaining to a firm
Organized An arrangement which is methodical and functional
Organizer One who arranges and brings order
Oriented Aligned
Original Authentic and real
Originality Characterized by authenticity
Originate Derived; occurring from
Origination The process of being derived
Ornamental Being used for a decorative purpose
Ornate Highly decorated
Orotund Sonorous; being full of sound
Other Worldly Being out of this world
Out-of-this-world Being out of this world
Outdone Outshine; surpass; exceed expectations
Outgoing Social and friendly
Outperform Outshine; exceed expectations
Outreach To reach further
Outshine Outdoing yourself
Outstanding Exceeding expectations
Ovation Applause; appreciation from the audience
Overall Original
Overflowing Flowing over the surface of an area
Overjoyed Being glad and happy
Overriding Being of the greatest importance
Oversee To keep watch over the work of others
Overseer One who keeps a watch over the work of others
Overt Conducted openly without any concealment
Overture A preclude

Did you feel the way we did – refreshed and relaxed? We sure do hope that these positive words that start with O were able to make your day! And if not, they at least brought a smile on your face!

Be sure to share your stories with us about the impact these lists make on your life; we will be eagerly waiting, and keep checking out our blog for the latest word-list we bring to you!

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